Becoming a parent is a different feeling altogether. You start taking care of your little one even before it is born. You want everything to be perfect for them. From taking care of its small needs to choosing the room decor, you like to have everything which keeps your kids happy and safe.

When it comes to baby cots, you need to pay extra heed to choose the right one as your baby will spend most of its time in it. What all things you consider while shopping for a cot? Is it the price, design, or durability? Don’t worry; this article will provide you a guide on how to go about choosing the best cot for your baby.

Expensive Doesn’t Mean Comfortable

While shopping for the cot, you might have thought to go with the highest of your budget as the best choice is to get your hands on an expensive one. But, you are wrong. When a sleep expert did an observation on every modern baby cots in Australia, she found $400 cot to be more comfortable than $1200 one. So, consider a cot with all the safety and comfort features rather than picking up an expensive one.

Consider the Height

Choose a cot with a flexible height (the rail moves up and down) as you need to consider the height from the base where the mattress sits. Once you place the mattress in the cot, its height instantly reduces which can be risky with fast-growing toddlers.

Always consider cots covered with railings. This helps air to circulate freely around the baby. If the cot is like walls, the baby might get all sweaty and hot while sleeping. Besides, gaping in the rails should not be too much to avoid uncertain circumstances. Open sides will also let them see what is happening around them.

While choosing the right cot, you also need to have a good eye for a suitable mattress. An idle mattress should be of the right size for the cot, firm, new and clean. Make sure the mattress has a maximum of the 1-inch gap with the cot sides. Also, get a strong and well fitted 100% cotton mattress protector. While purchasing the mattress, push your hand down on the mattress to see if it is firm enough for your kid.

The Inevitable Safety Aspect

Choose the cot which is certified under Australian safety standard AS/NZS 2172. But, if it is not certified, check the safety measures by yourself. Consider factors like:

  • The paint should not be toxic, as children tend to chew the railing when they are teething. You can opt for plastic strips covering some part of the wooden edges of the cot so that there is no harm to the baby or the cot if it is chewed.
  • Make sure all the parts are in perfect working condition. Check that the child does not easily undo the catches.

New or Second-Hand Cots

You might be tempted to buy or borrow an old cot to save a few bucks. And, it is good for the environment too. But, this is not considered a safe option. After 1998, the cots are subjected to follow a compulsory standard in Australia. If the cot does not meet the standards, it might pose a risk to your child’s health. So, it is better to go for a new one after gaining all the insights and information about it.

A toddler spends most of the time sleeping. So, it is very crucial to have a comfortable and safe space for your little ones’ sound sleep. Why not visit before purchasing the cot and check out different designs to suit your little one or talk to an expert?