When you notice that your home has a sudden water emergency or a slow leak, you shouldn’t wait to call for professional help. You might think the sudden toilet overflow will resolve on its own or that the drippy faucet will never be much of a problem. The truth is that both of these problems and many others involving home plumbing can cause major damage costing a significant amount of money if left untreated. Here are some tips for getting a licensed plumber to evaluate the problem as quickly as possible.

Avoid Tackling the Problem Yourself

Although it may be tempting to run out and buy new parts that may be needed to fix the problem as you see it, you may be wasting valuable time and even money by trying to handle a plumbing job if you lack the necessary skills or experience. Simple problems may be manageable, but a major break in a home water line or a drain overflow that you cannot explain may need a professional assessment. Though you should do what to can to prevent the problem from getting worse, direct repair might just cause even more problems.

Contact a Local Plumber

As you realize the need to call a professional, your first thought may be to “call a 24-hour plumber near me” to get there promptly. Look for a plumber within a convenient driving radius by browsing online and checking the location. Keep in mind traffic rush hour and road construction when selecting a nearby plumber. If you are calling after hours, leave a brief message with your name and contact information for a quick call-back.

Schedule an Immediate Service Call

Most plumbers make time in their work schedule for emergency calls. Explain your situation and ask how quickly someone can get to your home to address the problem. If the plumber is not available for several hours or days, contact another local plumbing professional who can provide immediate service. You may have to pay a higher rate for an after-hours visit, but the time factor might well be worth it.

Arrange Your Schedule to Be Available

If you were not planning to be home when the plumber arrives due to work or other plans, rearrange your commitments if possible to be available for the plumber’s service call. Delaying the plumber by even a few hours could result in more water damage to your home. If you must be away, try to get a friend or relative to be there for you.

Plumbing problems can be serious, so don’t take them lightly. Situations like these can be very stressful. It pays to plan ahead. If you don’t have the necessary experience, have the numbers of professionals at the ready for you to call them. Even having different specialists on call can help you prevent more complex problems from getting out of hand. Knowing who to call, and when, can make all the difference. Get prompt, professional help to get the problem under control. Preparing for an emergency will help you have peace of mind if/when it does happen and help you handle it as promptly as possible. You’ll be grateful you did.