We all have heard some stories in our childhood which had mystical and magical characters and events in them. A child is always attracted by what is magical and suggests the existence of a faraway land that is full of mysteries. It sets the young mind at work and makes him imagine all kind of possible impossibilities that he likes and sometimes fears. A fairy tale contains such events and characters and allows the child to believe his thought and imaginations.

Does Fairy Really Exist?

Most commonly there are fairies in the old classical tales that helps the protagonist in distress to overcome his or her problems and get even with the mean world that treated them badly. When this style of stories with magical characters originated can never be truly known but it is for sure that it should have originated even before the origin of language as imagination needs no language.

fairy girl Many people believe that such characters must have actually existed or even still exist in a world parallel to ours. Believers say that there is a different land far away from this world where all the fairies exist. Whether we know about such a land or not what we do know is that such a place definitely exists somewhere in our imaginations.

How Do They Live and What Do They Eat?

As we can gather from all the stories that we have heard is that a fairy enjoys anything that is pure and natural. They are close to the nature and gain their strength and power from the nature. They eat all that the nature provide and that to in its original form. Fruits honey and butter are a few things that are said to be their food. Fairies love to decorate themselves with flowers and enjoy the beauty of mother earth.

How Do Fairies Affect Our Lives?

There are many sayings related to the existence of pure spirits around us and it is believed that they can bring happiness into your life. They believed to be playful creatures who like to do fun things for their own amusement and not to harm humans. It is said that if you gain the blessings of a pure spirit than your life will be touched with everything that is pure and good. The touch of a fairy or a pure spirit brings abundance of luck and happiness into your life. As she comes and goes out of your house, she will leave some fairy dust behind which is known to bring good luck. Every time you get in contact with the fairy dust you will get enchanted feelings and your mind and heart will be filled with good intentions and optimism.

Ways To Bring Fairies Into Our Lives

Many classical stories and tales also suggest some ways to attract fairies, so that they could bring happiness and good luck to you. It is said that if you grow some of the plants and flowers they love in your garden it will surely bring them there.

Growing Digitalis in your garden can attract these spirits as they used the flower to make their clothes. Tulips are also associated with fairyland where they make beds and blankets out of them.