The metropolitan households of the country, often encounters an irksome but a common problems of slow drainage system in the building. The drains and the sewer lines of such multi-storey building, suddenly start becoming sloth. Along with that, an annoying gurgling sound from flushes disrupts the normal flow of clear water in the bathrooms. This kind of problem, in particular happens in a frequent manner in arid seasons. People may wonder, “What the reason could be?” Surprisingly, the presence of tree roots in drain service seem to be a petty issue that can turn bad if not taken care of and can prove dangerous.

Harmless Tree Roots Becomes So Hazardous

Usually, trees are considered as man’s friend and the tree roots make trees stronger and flourishing in normal circumstances. But, in this case, the situation is different. The tree- roots in drain service become a headache for the residents. The tree roots, in order to quench their thirst, look for ample water and easily get attracted towards the sewer lines. They make a comfort zone of their own in the sewers, and starts thriving there. Moreover, the tree roots enhance their periphery. The drainage system starts becoming poorly manageable. The roots gradually turn out to be powerful and exert pressure on the drainage system by forming cracks or loosening the joints. This eventually results emission of filthy water and foul smell. The foul smell makes living miserable and the filthy water when get mixed with clean or drinking and fresh water it becomes unusable and toxic. Sometimes, people generally ignores this kind of unnecessary growth of tree roots in drain service or do not consider it worthy enough to mend. Consequently, in rainy seasons, these tree roots create leakages and damages in the drainage system. Hence it is essential to keep these in shape, as they not only breaks the sewer lines but also entertain hair follicles, sewages, and raw particles of solids that can block the drainage lines causing more nuisances for the dwellers.

Removing Tree Roots   

The problem of tree roots in drain service, in recent times has become quite menacing. Hence, envisaging plausible solution is necessary.

Using Rock Salts: It is always advisable to take technical assistance or professional help to solve such kind of problems. However, people, particularly in middle class areas, have the tendency of using homemade technique that entails nominal sum of money. Use of Sodium Chloride, Copper Sulphate, and other Rock salts are extensively popular. Pouring the right amount of such Rock Salts to hinder the growth of tree roots in drain service is cheap and smart technique. Application of this strategy will curb the growth of the tree roots. Apart from that, it will diminish the possibility of their future growth too.

Use of Herbicide: There is specific herbicide available in the market. The application of which can solve the problem of tree roots in drain. The repetitive and the clever use of these Herbicides can permanently solve the problem of tree roots spreading their entity in the drainage system. These chemical substances successfully and ruthlessly reduce the capacity of the tree roots to respire and the sewer lines remain safe from clogging.

Professional Expertise: In worse situations, it is wise to take technical help, which generally involves hydro jet or metal auguring.

So, these are tips for you to follow for getting rid of these roots in the drains. Do keep in mind that by doing so you will be able to solve the issues of drains getting wrecked because of tree roots, which ultimately leads to leakage and sewage problems.