Pest control is not present in the most interesting topics but it is one of the most important topics because it is the most important part of one everyone’s property maintenance. Pest control has been one of the most serious topics of concern for people for centuries. It has become the part of our lives after the day when we started cultivating crops. Cultivation of good crops is necessary for our survival so pest control is also very important for the good cultivation of crops and best survival of our lives.

So the question is how to control pests and what are the ways to control pests?

Biological Best Control

This is the organic pest control method.  In this method we use living organisms to kill the organisms which are harmful for our crops. In other word, it can be describes as the method which involves the use of living organisms in order to control the organisms which are poisonous for our plants and crops. This is also known as bio effector. This is one of the most beneficial methods because it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals which is one of the major advantages of this method.

Sometimes biological pest control occurs on its own. It means pests are killed without the introduction of species. In this method, we can also use pest destroying methods in order to kill the pests and make the cultivation free from pests. The example of using pest control animals is that we can use Mongooses in order to control the population of rodents and snakes. In some cases, we can also use domestic animals in order to control the pests.

Natural pest repellants are also included in this category. You can use natural pest repellants in order to control mice and rats. This method involves the use of natural substances which have repelling odor. These substances irritate the rodents and make them run away from that area.

Chemical Pest Control

This method involves the use of chemicals in order to kill the pests. We use the chemicals which are poisonous for the rodents. These chemicals kill the rodents but there are certain complications in this method which are that rats and mice become familiar with the odor of these chemical and they won’t ingest the chemicals which makes this method a failure and wastage of our money.

Rodent Pest Control

Most common rodents in Auckland and many other countries are mice. There are certain companies which give you the service of killing the rodents and make your crops pest free.

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