Currently, for many reasons from objective to subjective that people often suffer from the pathological effect the health and activity. A bunion is a fairly common disease, causing pain and difficulty in walking for patients. Do you know how to get rid of bunion? Let’s study the article below.

Signs of bunion

Signs of bunion become apparent when patients were moved out into the chronic phase, even before that, the patient only expressions like:

  • Patients often feel the toe joint pain, especially the big toe. More pain with exercise and pain at rest;
  • Patients with stiffness when waking up in the morning;
  • Match of the sound leg while moving;
  • Swelling of the big toe joint, and may turn red;
  • Muscles around the big toe joint are weakened;

Complications of arthritis toe

Bunion if not treated promptly and will cause severe complications for patients, it consists of four stages as follows:

  • Phase 1

Deformed joints, at this stage phenomenon forefoot varus enclosed burn hypertrophic tissue around the joints table thumb. Toe deformity can cause pain and more severe pain if the patient is wearing shoes. Toe deformity is a relatively common complication of patients.

  • Phase 2

This phase is also called stage osteoarthritis. These are complications in the next stage, mainly phenomena degenerated joints in bone and forming a bone spur. At this stage, the patient becomes difficult to move.

  • Phase 3

When the disease has progressed to the point quite heavy, they may change into cancer. Bone cancer is more advanced stages of osteoarthritis; this phase began joints paralysis, stops working, move operation does not seem feasible.

  • Phase 4

Disability is in the final stages of complications, and not be treated anymore. Patients will be disabled for life.

The cause of the bunion

Some causes of a bunion as:

  • Labor, too, sitting posture, sitting for long periods, due to injury;
  • The diet does not guarantee;
  • The consequences of aging, corrosion joints over time;
  • Viruses, bacteria;
  • The breakdown of cartilage, bone under cartilage;
  • Immune disorders;

How to get rid of bunion

Some treatments consistent with symptoms of the disease are as follows:

Early treatment

For patients of bunion needs surgery as soon as possible since the discovery of abnormal expression of joints such as your toes is redness, pain when the joint movement and reduce stopping travel, active walking, standing difficult. If after 2-3 days the signs of arthritis are not falling, you need to see a specialist musculoskeletal, avoid long cause dangerous complications.

Use drug as directed by your doctor

The only drugs to help patients reduce inflammation, improve pain management. You should know that all kinds of western medicine with analgesic and anti-inflammatory will cause many side effects is quite dangerous for the user, such as stomach ulcers, acute pneumonia, liver failure, kidney.  Accordingly entirely patients avoid arbitrary use of medication should follow the guidance of the physician to limit the side effects of the drug dangerous.

Let the foot relax

During the treatment, the arthritis foot needs rest, limiting the activities of travel, especially not heavy labor to avoid putting pressure on the joints.

Protection of joint cartilage and bone under the cartilage

When the big toe joint is at risk of damaging the components relative to the joint, patients need to protect, regenerate cartilage and bone under the cartilage to help reduce the progression of the disease, the well-maintained motor function of bone joints.

Adjust reasonable diet

Elimination of alcohol, beer, cigarettes and some other stimulants.

Minimizing the use of foods rich in protein; rich in purines such as animal viscera such as heart, liver, kidney, (pork, beef) with all kinds of seafood.

Fasting cocoa, chocolate, nuts, vegetable shrinkage.

Modes of living in moderation, working gently, avoid stress.

The simple exercises to help reduce joint pain toe

Stretch your toes

Toes help stretch your thumb flexibility and reduce joint pain. For this exercise, first, keep straight toes for 5 seconds, then bend your toes for 5 seconds followed. Repeat ten times. The stretching is helpful for people with hammertoes or chronic curved toes.

Fold and stretch

With this exercise, press your thumb on hard surfaces to bend and pull them. Then rounded toes in the opposite direction, hold about 10 seconds and repeat four times.

Pull your toes

These are easy exercises, and you can do at any place without using aids. Movement is effortless and does not require any particular technique. Use your fingers to gently pull the toe line, which also has a specific effect. Continue pulling your toes for 10 seconds and repeat 3 to 4 times movements.

Endurance exercises of toes

Your toe should also exercise to increase strength. You can use the towel or belt to perform movements. Use objects on to pull your toes toward your opposite, while you push forward.

Roll towel

Roll towel is a strengthening exercise. It helps reduce joint pain efficient forefoot. For this exercise, place a small towel on the floor, then roll your toes and pull the towel around the towel toward you. Take action 5 times. The grip objects with the big toe will help to get rid of a bunion.

Pick up the ball

This exercise to grip objects. Like its name, for this exercise, clamp your marbles with your toes. Start with 20 marbles on the floor in front of your set. Try to use your toes to pick up every ball up and put them into a bowl.

Walk on the sand

Walking on sand lightly massage the feet and helps increase the strength of each toe. Walk on the sand is especially useful for people with joint pain toe-related arthritis. So if you get the chance, go to the beach to get the benefits of sand and soothing effect of the sea on the big toe joint pain.

Health is the most critical asset of man. It performs all mental and physical activities. So health care is always a top demand of any of its citizens. Above is some information on how to get rid of bunion to help you familiarize with the ways of prevention and cure most effective.