The hard water that we use has many minerals added to it. Some of the main mineral components in hard water are magnesium, calcium, and lime. Calcium is known to scale up your toilet bowls leaving them dirty and full of tough stains.

Such stains can hide bacteria and also give rise to bad smell. That’s why you need to clean your toilet bowl frequently. If you’re already fighting hard water stains here is a simpler way to get them off. We have tested it and its perfect!

Use Commercial Cleaners

The best commercial toilet bowl cleaners come in form of gel, liquid, or solids. They are made out of ideal stain removal ingredients and will easily remove any form of stubborn hard water stains from your toilet.

What Are They Made Of?

If you read Our Recommended Toilet Review you will learn that the best hard water stain removers that we have today are made from hydrochloric bleach, sodium lauryl sulfate, or chlorine.

You will also realize that they come in various forms including a drop in tank cleaning tablets, a flush trigger mounted cleaners, and stick under bowl gels. This gives you a variety to choose from and also makes them easy to use.

Cleaning the Hard Water Stains

Using these toilet bowl cleaners is easy. You actually don’t need a plumber’s help. You can simply choose your best toilet bowl cleaner and give your toilet the sparkling touch that it has been missing in ages. Once you buy your bowl cleaner follow our lead.

Have your Tools Together

Collect all the tools and materials that you will need to clean your toilet and put them in one place. These tools will include a plunger, toilet brush with firm nylon bristles, toilet bowl cleaner preferably gels or liquids, and rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Have your Tools Together

Shutoff Toilet Water Supply

Next, find the shut-off valve and turn off the water supply to your toilet. You may also want to flush off all the water in your toilet tank and start cleaning from the tank. Do the same to the toilet bowl – pump through all the water to expose the lowest stains.

Set in Your Toilet Cleaner  

Take your liquid, gel, or sticking toilet cleaner and stick it under the toilet rim or apply uniformly around the toilet bowl. Do the same to the tank and then allow it to rest for up to 30 minutes.  This will loosen the hard stains.

Scrub Your Toilet Repeatedly

After 30 minutes, use your brush to scrub the tank and toilet. Scrub repeatedly using hard and light strokes. Once you are convinced the scrubbing is through you can turn your water supply on and rinse your toilet. Your toilet should be free of stains now. You can repeat the process to give it better finishing touch.


Using the best toilet cleaners is awesome. Our toilet review experts agree that they make your work really simple. They are also free of bleaching agents and thus will keep your toilet looking natural and sparkling at its best.