image 1After the surgery, you will need some time to heal and to make sure everything is all right. Step by step, your rehabilitation process will continue and you will reach the point when you can and should be back to exercising and keeping fit and healthy. You may have some concerns about how, when and how much to exercise, but luckily, you are not the first one with this type of questions and there are women who have done this and the doctors who have monitored their progress. Therefore, here is all about the workouts after breast augmentation.


This is the first physical activity that you should be doing after your surgery. This means that you need to make sure that you are all ready for exercise and that your doctor suggests that you should start being active. While some mild stretching can start even in the week after the surgery, some more serious stretching can begin a bit later. These exercises will get your blood pumping, they will prevent the blood clots from forming and they will speed up the healing processes as the blood and your heart rate will make sure that your body is healing faster. Make sure that you choose the exercises carefully and that you reach the balance. For each exercise for the pectoral muscles, you need to do one for the back as well.


Obviously, there will be no jogging for some time. However, this doesn’t mean that you should say goodbye to all cardio exercises. Intuitively, you already know that you should avoid all the movements that will cause some bouncing. With that in mind, you need to try and do your best at some low impact machines like elliptical and stationary bike. They will help you with your cardio exercise while they will not cause any pain and discomfort for the muscles that are already getting used to the additional weight they need to carry. You can start with some light cardio exercise as soon as 4 weeks after the surgery and keep close eye on how they feel.image 2

Strength Exercise

It is a good idea that you do all you can to make those muscles better and stronger. This will definitely make you healthier, you will look better and you will definitely give more support to your new look after the surgery. The rule of thumb is the same as with the stretching, for every exercise that you do for the pectoral area, you need another one that deals with a muscle on your back. However, all the pushups and similar exercise are to wait until the 6th week after your recovery. You need to take them slowly and you need to start with more repetitions with low weights rather than the other way around. All sort of isometric exercises will be good for you as well because they are good for building up strength and they are not overburdening the muscles.

Gear and Clothes

Once your cup size is bigger after the breast augmentation, you need to find out how to make the exercise gear suit you better. For once, you need to find a good sports bra. This is always a challenge for all female athletes that have bigger cup size, because the high quality ones are hard to find. What you are looking for in a bra is the good support without too much pressure. Also, the fabric needs to allow you to breathe and it needs to be resistant to sweat. Big sports brands will have some choices, but don’t save money on a sport’s bra. A good one is worth every dollar you spend on it. As for the machines, stationary bikes, elliptical and similar machines are your new best friends. Do all you can to keep fit but make sure that you are staying safe while you are doing it.

Choosing this type of surgery means that you care about how you look and that you want to put that extra effort into looking good. This also involves fitness and exercises. Therefore, make sure that your comeback to the world of workouts is carefully planned.