When you’re planning to propose to the person you love the most, you just want to give her the very best. With the wide selection of engagement rings available online and at your favourite jewellers, this can be an overwhelming thing to do. Don’t worry! There are several ways that you can do to figure out what type of engagement ring she wants. Here are some ideas that may help:

Social Media

Look at all of her social media accounts. Most of the time, women are going to post on their social media accounts the stuff that they like the most. You are probably going to find some images of engagement rings that she posted or shared. This is going to help you get some clues about the types of engagement rings that she might want you to get for her.

Friends and Family

Ask her friends and family for some advice. But, make sure that you can trust the person to keep the secret for you. Most of the time, it is going to be her sister, best friend, or mom that are going to know what she is going to like in an engagement ring. This is especially true about her best friend. This is because she is going to know how to get this type of information out of her without giving the secret away. Once you have an idea, you can get the perfect bespoke engagement ring at Serendipity Diamonds or from reliable jewellers near you.


See which celebrities she might be obsessed with. Once you have figured out who her celebrity girl crush is, you need to pay close attention. This is because more than likely, she is going to comment about the rings that they have so it is going to give you clues about what rings she likes and what she doesn’t like in rings. She is probably going to comment certain things that you might want to write down so that you don’t forget it.

Talk About Someone Else’s Ring

Ask her questions about engagement rings. One way to do this is to talk about someone you know that recently got engaged and talk about their ring. This will allow you to see what she has to say about it. Therefore, you are going to know if she likes it, what she likes and doesn’t like about the ring, or if she just wants something that is completely different.

Jewellers and Retail Stores

Figure out a good reason to take her to jewellers and jewellery retailers. Most of the time, it is not going to be that hard to come up with an excuse to go to the local mall so this should be easy to do. Wherever you end up going, just make sure that you have to walk by a jewellery seller. This will allow you to see what styles she is going to pay more attention to along with the colours and diamond shapes that she likes.


Make sure that her personality goes with the style of the engagement ring. If she is more of a traditional girl, then she is probably going to like a round cut. The fancier type girls are going to like the ovals, cushions, and heart shaped diamonds.

Remember these points and rest assured that you’ll get a ring that she will adore!