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We all have a signature style, and that is what makes each of us unique. When it comes to adding new fashion trends to your wardrobe, you have a number of amazing options and price points to consider. You can shop high-end, but you could also find gorgeous clothing on the cheap. The best way to begin your fashion hunt is online, where you have the entire world at your fingertips.

Find Your Fashion Muse

We all have a celebrity we admire for the way they look and dress, and that’s an excellent starting point. Most stars and even political people have a social media page that often includes photos of themselves at events. Some celebs also show off clothing trends from various designer brands, and you can see what pieces they’re wearing and what’s making street style headlines. Mega social media stars like Kim Kardashian West have learned to use Instagram to both sell their own line of fashion and to support and model the ensembles of other famous designers as in Matthew Williams and his first collection for Givenchy.

Find Your Style Online

Are you someone who dresses in maybe traditional, super-trendy, Cali-cool, athleisure or in tee and jeans, etc.? This is an important aspect of your signature look, and there are shopping websites that cater to every style on the planet and carry brands that deliver the fashion pieces you’re searching for. For example, maybe you’re into the effortless and sexy look inspired by Coachella music festivals that feature flowing dresses, floral kimonos, lots of fringe, playful tie-dye and more. An online boutique clothing store will offer that cool-chick, boho style. Take advantage of the online shopping websites that carry plentiful stock and a variety of clothing you like to wear. You can get great ideas, compare prices and find excellent deals and savings.

Head To eBay Or Poshmark

These online platforms don’t just sell used and vintage clothing. You can also be on the look-out for brand new pieces and score an incredible price. eBay has become a lucrative spot for sellers to peddle clothing, accessories and jewelry, and the famous e-commerce website also features a lot of high-end designer items as well as rare and couture clothing. It’s easy, too; instant payment with your credit card makes the sale smooth, safe and speedy. Poshmark is yet another online marketplace with 60 million-plus community members and some 100 million items to peruse. You can rack up popular, mass-market brands like J. Crew, Lululemon, Michael Kors and many others. From trendy dresses to tops, pants and boots, you can create a wardrobe that is seasonal and stylish from these highly-regarded e-commerce sites.

Binge-Watch Runway Shows

Hey, it would be lovely to sit front row center at the fashion runway shows around the world like Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is often lucky to do. However, most of us don’t have that luxury, but that’s not a problem. Head to the video-sharing platform known as YouTube, and you will find many runway shows of the season featuring prominent designers. Gather a few snacks, get comfy and start binge-watching. You will learn where fashion is headed and about the trends that are emerging. You don’t have to like every piece that comes down the catwalk, but you can become inspired by some of the looks and build those ensembles that define your signature style. 

For example, these are some of the standouts for fall/winter 2020, including brown, faux leather coats, neutral-toned pieces, yellow maxi coats, slouch boots in creamy shades, tiger prints, soft hand-held bags and chain necklaces worn with hoop earrings. Another tip is to watch IT models like Kaia Gerber doing their street style. Kaia is the daughter of iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford, and both women have amazing styles that people around the world like to copy.


We’re all on different fashion budgets, but that has little to do with personal style and feeling on-trend this season. Anyone can amp up their wardrobes with a few pieces that elevate the modern mood and flatter their silhouette. Being online is an advantage because it brings you right to the doorsteps of fashion and street style.

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