It’s 2020, and amazingly, varsity jackets are still rocking in the fashion industry. This simple outfit that was once worn by students has become everyone’s favorite – and this doesn’t exclude celebrities, as well as the insiders in the fashion industry. Today, you’ll find guys, together with their girlfriends rocking in a varsity jacket. With this, comes the stress of making your varsity jacket outfit standout.

In this post, we shall give you tips on how to style your varsity jacket in 2020.

Match those earthy colors

Earthy colors will never disappoint you. Some of the colors that can match well with your letterman jacket include forest green and chocolate, khaki, taupe, and tan. Burnt orange can work in this case too. If you are interested in trying out this outfit, just go for it—you’ll be amazed by how you will rock among your peers.

However, make sure that you match it with similar colors. Moreover, you should keep the lines of this outfit trim. Consider something like pleated navy cotton chinos or tapered jeans. To complete this outfit, go for something like simple suede sneakers or chunky chocolate-brown brogues. This will give you that complicated, but yet relaxed spring appearance.

Go for that striped outfit

If you choose to wear a varsity jacket, you have the opportunity to explore the timeless college stripes. However, make sure that you stick with the charcoal, earthy, and navy tones for this outfit. But, it is the striped collar, cuffs, and hem that give this outfit that unique, but classic style.

For this outfit, you can match it with an oxford button-down shirt (preferably plain blue) or even try it out with a classic Bengal striped shirt for a braver appearance. In those cold days, consider matching it with a merinos roll neck. Besides, a Breton striped tee can work perfectly with this outfit. Remember, white and navy blue will never fail you- at all! Lastly, don’t forget to complete this outfit with trim-grey pants and simple white sneakers.

The classic monochrome outfit

If you feel like you are out of options, just go for white, black, and grey colors. The most interesting thing about this style is that you can match it with anything. An earthy Donegal knit emerald green can work perfectly in this case. Also, you can wear your varsity jacket with slim-flannel trousers and a simple charcoal crewneck. A boxy-casual shirt and dark jeans can also work perfectly with this outfit.

For that sporty appearance

You will never go wrong when you opt to wear your letterman jacket such as the letterman jacket by Varsity Base, during a sports occasion. It’s a great style that will never fail you when you want to achieve that sporty appearance you’ve always desired.

A graphic tee is one of the best options to pair with your varsity jacket. However, you can also opt to pair your jacket with your favorite team jersey or tee. If you opt for a graphic tee, however, make sure that you match the colors with your varsity jacket—this will give you that killer look. Moreover, don’t forget a fanny pack if you want to spice up your appearance.

You can throw in some makeup for this outfit too. Lipstick and some mascara are all that you need for that ultimate sporty appearance. However, you shouldn’t be limited to mascara and lipstick alone if you are a fan of makeup. This style is well suited for late afternoon into evening games, like baseball.

The perfect class outfit

You will need a varsity jacket, slogan tee, jeans, earrings, sneakers, and a purse for this outfit. This is a simple, but stylish fashion style for ladies. Amazingly, this outfit is the best way of telling other guys that you are taken – especially if you choose a faux fur varsity jacket with an upside-down heart embossed on its back.

However, you can also choose this style if you are searching for an ironic and funny piece. Don’t forget to complete it with a T-shirt if you want to make a statement. Moreover, it will give you the confidence that you need.

The following are a few extra varsity jacket ideas:

  • Select a letterman jacket that has some distinctive points. Rather than going for a monotone jacket, go for a color that reminds you of your high school or college days. However, if you are searching for a discreet but amazing outfit, go for a navy jacket with dark pants.
  • If your letterman jacket has some bold colors, match it with navy jeans or black trousers—this is one of the best ways to tone down that outfit. Moreover, this style accentuates your letterman jacket, allowing you to rock among your friends.
  • Varsity jackets aren’t meant for fall and winter seasons only—you can still wear one in the summer. The best way to rock with your varsity jacket is to match it with dark-colored shorts, low-cut tank tops, and sandals or slip-on shoes.
  • Rather than struggling to wear that heavy winter coat, go for your letterman jacket, especially if the weather is a bit warmer. Match this outfit with khakis, button-up shirt, and sneakers. This will give you a casual, but yet cool appearance. Adding a neutral-colored cardigan or scarf to this outfit will give you that added style.

All in all, varsity jackets have been in existence for many years, and they remain to be a classical piece of fashion in 2020. So, don’t be left behind – grab yours best shopping deals today and download from here to get the opportunity to showcase your style among your peers.