Always shopping for clothes; no money to buy expensive clothes; no clothes to wear on formal occasions/seasonal changes; did not find own must-have; every morning wondering what to wear, these are our common worries. It does not matter, we do not have to dress into a magazine, as long as you know the basic rules of dress selection, not embarrassed, look generous based on the promotion of good. If it’s hard to understand, come to check beauty deals, you’ll get a better understanding.

The standard for adult dressing is to be decent. And the matching principle is not “feeling” but “minimum necessary knowledge”. Dressing is a way to show others “what kind of person I am”. If the first impression is lazy and sloppy, then it will be very difficult to change. So first of all, be sure not to let the clothes become their own detractors.

What you want to express is what you wear first. If you want to make a statement of friendliness then avoid black, white and gray, if you want to make a statement of competence, then hip-hop is a choice. And following is the basic rule for you to choose.

(1) Modest dressing

Overdressing is easy to make the clothes higher than their own atmosphere, making things worse. In fact, those who look a little rustic basic models, wear the body to appreciate its excellent pattern. Once you wear it, you’ll feel thin. How to mix and match are not easy to go wrong, fashion life is also longer.

(2) Try to choose styles without patterns, solid colors and redundant decorations.

All patterned pieces (except for the ones that are known to be very expensive first-line luxury items) are actually easy to see the difference in quality that was brought about by the price, and if the clothes have a higher vibe than the people, they can be perceived as cheap and fall into the high-risk category if you’re not careful. If you really like it, choose a slightly more expensive item, and pair it with a solid color piece to balance the visual impact. The gucci pictured above, exaggerated top + solid color bottoms, balances the visual impact.

A basic dress will not use too many colors. A garment with too many colors is difficult to balance and tends to look cheap. As with patterns, embroidery, lace, and decorative ribbons will stand out in a store, but wearing them on your body is a different story. So try to choose clothes with simple styles and without any decorations.

(3) Add 20% embellishment to your outfit!

In this case, patterns and accent colors are an effective solution to make you stand out from the crowd, such as replacing a solid shirt with a flowered shirt, a flowered shirt, blazer pants and shoes, even though the flowered shirt is gorgeous, the pants and shoes can reduce the visual impact and make the overall dressing stand out from the crowd. It will be balanced with a bag that is not overly flashy, but not too ordinary either. So it’s important not to be sloppy with your accessories.

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