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Styles for spring are taking into account that many of us have been living in loungewear for most of 2020. The world of fashion has moved to Zoom, YouTube, and many other online venues to maintain safe social distance. While the fashion rules have shifted, there are some great options for spring 2021.

Treat Yourself to a Trench Coat

When the spring rains come, a trenchcoat will keep you comfy, warm, dry, and in fashion. If you’ve already got one, check out the unique alterations coming down the runway or the nearest wet sidewalk.
Trench coats have cowl collars, tab collars, dolman sleeves, and ruffles. For fun, take advantage of the decluttering movement and hit a couple of thrift stores. You may find one that you can alter to suit you perfectly.

Invest in Loungewear

Chances are very good that the work from home wardrobe will still be needed in 2021. Loungewear does a lovely job of straddling the line between workout gear and pajamas. If your loungewear wardrobe is strong, ramp it up with a pretty hooded cardigan for cold days or a long woven wrap to dress up casual pants and tees.
Shoes are changing up the look of loungewear. As the weather warms, look for pretty flats and slim sandals to keep things both feminine and casual. Or you can go straight up Chucks for a classic look.

Tie Dye is In!

The ability to layer up your favorite looks adds to the fun from a boho boutique clothing store. The kimono is a lovely, draped garment with a lot of flexibility that’s easy to care for and fun to own.
This can be tossed over biking shorts and a tank for a quick coffee run or draped over a caftan dress for a sunset dinner on a patio. A kimono in black can turn an ordinary outfit into evening wear with a quick change of your shoes. You can also add a scarf around your waist for a quick dress or a swimsuit cover up.

Do Some DIY

This is also a garment that you can make without too much skill. A large scarf or a mandala sheet can be turned into an amazing kimono with a bit of sewing, a one-shoulder sarong or a wrap dress with a pin or two.
Be ready to try new fabrics in different ways. As new designers make their way on to smaller platforms, your ability to turn a second-hand shawl into something spectacular will give you confidence to sharpen your own design capacities. Even if the only model you’re dressing is yourself, the ability to make something old into something spectacular is really great for your confidence.

Strong Colors Can Work

No matter what you do, don’t succumb to the Easter Egg basket color scheme. Spring 2021 is loaded with strong colors. If you want some cool linen pedal pushers but prefer charcoal grey, get the grey. The color palette for spring is vibrant and strong.
Earth colors, such as cream, tan, and rust are getting a lot of attention this spring. If you’ve never been crazy about the unicorn look or just prefer to stay in the shades of fall, your spring wardrobe purchases may get a little crazy.
That said, if you do like more traditional spring colors, skip the pastels. Strong yellows, bold pinks, and rich emerald green will be standing out all over during the spring and summer of 2021.

Caftans Are In

Garments that offer a long, loose fit will be extremely popular during the spring of 2021. Keep an eye out for maxi dresses in cottons, linens, and knits that offer plenty of room.
If you’re not a fan of dresses, treat yourself to some comfy wide-leg pants. Loose pants with high waists and wide belts will be spotted on city sidewalks, in offices, and on your vacation stroll.
The fashion palette for spring indicates that color restrictions are off the table. If you want to wear a brown dress, khaki green trousers or an orange tank, go for it. Draped garments, from caftans to kimonos, will make dressing up by dressing over a simple process. Look out for tie-dyed items to expand your wardrobe as well.