If you think fruit baskets are only a gift option for the sick ones, you are absolutely wrong. From wedding to birthdays, fruit baskets are always one of the best gift options for all these occasions. So, if you want fruit basket to send to Pakistan or any other country, you need to decorate and package it well. The fruit basket should be decorated in a way that it becomes really appealing to the receiver. Also, you need to remember that the fruits don’t get damaged during packaging and shipping. You can buy the readymade fruit baskets from a shop or online sites. But, arranging and decorating the basket of your own will give a personalized touch to the gift that you always want to be there while gifting something to your dear ones. Here are some steps that you can follow to make the customized fruit basket-

  1. Choose the Basket

This is the first thing that you need to consider while you are planning for a homemade fruit basket. The material of the basket should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the fruits. If you are planning to pack bigger fruits like melons, you need sturdy material.

  1. Buy Fresh Fruits

While packing fruits in a fruit basket, you should put only fresh and blemish-free fruits. If you find any little mark on any fruit, keep it aside. Such fruits get rotten faster and also make the other fruits get rot. Whatever you pack, check well before packing and also handle with care.

  1. Consider the Structure of the Basket

The next step is to decide what to put in the basket. Once you decide that, it will be easier to decide the structure of the basket. Usually, round or oval-shaped baskets are perfect for packing any types of fruits. If you are planning to pack a number of fruits, making the fruit pyramid will be perfect. If there is a lesser number of fruits, then you can go for horizontal placing. Before placing the fruits in the basket, wrap it well with beautiful wrapping papers.

  1. Placing the Fruits

Now comes the important step that is placing the fruits properly. Always keep the larger fruits at the bottom of the basket. If you are packing pineapple, put it at the center. Try to put watermelon as it will be heavier to carry. Now, you can go for smaller fruits to place around it. Always put the smaller and softer fruits like grapes, berries, peaches, mangoes, figs, etc. on the top. To make the basket even more interesting, you can place fruits in a color co-ordinate way, like red and yellow fruits on a side and green and other colors on another side and likewise.

  1. The Final Touch

Now when you are done with placing fruits, wrap the basket with transparent plastic cover. This will keep the fruits safe if you are sending an online fruit basket to Pakistan or any other country. Stick a card on the basket with your best wishes.

If you want to add cookies, candies or chocolates to this basket, put them randomly on the fruits and that will give a beautiful look to the entire package.