Let’s face it, every dog needs a makeover every once in a while! Whether it’s some new dog clothes, a new hairstyle, or some teeth cleaning, a makeover can change your dog. One of the easiest ways to makeover a dog is to give them some fancy dog collars. If you can’t afford to buy the ones that are on the market today, then you can just as easily make your own. DIY dog collars are not only easy to make, but they really add a personal touch to your dog’s life and style. First, you can bejewel it up with rhinestones and jewels. Just attach the jewels with a strong glue, and leave the collar out to dry. Make sure the stones will stick on, as you don’t want your dog swallowing them by mistake.

Adding Charms

Adding other charms to go with the tag your dog wears is another great way to add some personalization. Plus, you’ll be able to hear your dog coming with all the jingling jangling charms. Pick out a few and glue them on, and since they are on the collar, they won’t be bitten off! Some people have even gone a step further and started using lights on their collars. Bright colored LED lights that are made to be worn, function very well for most dog collars, and they can easily be flicked on or off when not needed. If you’ve got a leather collar and a tough dog, then you can outfit the collar with spikes and studs. It’ll make your dog the talk of the town, and will be especially heartwarming if you know your pup is a sweetheart on the inside and wouldn’t hurt a fly. You can even use simple leather tools to attach items, and even hole punch words into the collar.

Always keep in mind that your pet deserves indispensable nutrients to stay lively and in good physical shape. But, most of you do a blunder when you start relying on some pets canned, raw or dry dog food and home-cooked materials for their diet whereas the fact is they are not even close to an optimal diet for dogs.

Other Alternatives

The sky is the limit when it comes to collar customization, and depending on the type of dog you have and their own personality and likes, you can really create some great items that show off who your dog really is to the world. If you don’t like the idea of messing with a collar, you can also tie bandannas around their necks. Just get a bandanna that is either around the same size as your dog’s neck, or cut a larger one up. Then just tie it around the dog’s neck and poof! Instant style and you might even want to get bandannas for major holidays and events in both your dog’s life and your life. Even cutting up an old pillowcase or shirt can make for a good bandanna in a pinch.

Try to Create Your Own

If you can’t afford one of the fancier commercial bandannas or collars, then feel free to just create your own. Oftentimes it’s more fun and allows you to really make the object your own, and your dog will enjoy it. Plus there’s the added bonus of him not being able to chew it off and ruin it!