Have a penchant for gardening? If you have some space behind your house, or may be a lawn in front of it, then you can very well turn it into a garden. Just plant some trees and plants of your choice. And once you are done, you need to maintain it properly. You need to water it on a regular basis. And mowing is necessary as well. That too, quite often. But there is another major thing that might cause you a challenge when you try to keep your garden in proper shape. It’s the weed, which is often known as a gardener’s nightmare.


Weeds is a matter of grave concern for any gardener. And that too, not without any reason. Here are a few reasons why weeds should be eliminated as soon as possible.

  • They grow faster than the plants that you put in your garden. And they compete with them for nutrients. So, they play a major role in stunting the growth of the plants that you put in your garden.
  • Prevents the native plants from growing properly at spaces where they are present.
  • The weeds colonize and dominate areas in your garden, making it difficult for any native plant to grow there.

So, it is extremely important to get rid of the weeds, especially if you want to maintain a garden that appears nice and is productive as well.

But getting rid of the weeds isn’t an easy task. You need to do a lot of things to ensure that the weeds are gone for good. And they won’t be back ever again.

Here’s a quick look at how you can do away with the weeds from your garden without much hassle and grow whatever plants you wish there.

Don’t Dig the Soil Unnecessarily

Where do the seeds of the weeds lie in the ground?

They are, in fact, everywhere!

This might sound a bit discouraging for you. But don’t be. Because being present everywhere does not mean that you will have to deal with lots of weeds. The seeds that are present on the upper crust of the soil usually germinate into weeds. So, you need to get rid of them. But those below the upper layer won’t germinate if you do not bring them up. So, the best idea is to let the weeds remain dormant below the upper layer of the soil. And that can happen only if you do not disturb the soil. Don’t dig the soil if it’s not extremely important to do so.

Use Pre-emergent Herbicides

There are several chemicals that are available to kill the weeds. But you need to select them prudently. It is a good idea to choose the pre-emergent herbicides. These chemicals are known to kill the weeds. In fact, they prevent those from germinating. However, they are not fatal for the existing plants or the grasses present in your garden. So, you can use these to prevent the weeds from sprouting in your garden.

Allow Minimum Space to the Weeds

What pattern do you follow while planting the seeds in your garden? Do you plant them in rows? It is not an extremely good practice, especially if you want to keep the weeds out of your garden. That’s because the weeds seem to get more space if you put the seeds in rows. Instead, you can try to follow a diamond-shaped pattern, which is going to help you keep the weeds away, as they won’t get much space to grow.

You should also dig the soil twice of what you usually do – that is, at least a couple of feet down. This will give the roots of the plants enough space to go down in search of water and nutrients. This is going to help them remain healthy and stop the weeds from killing them.

Removing the weeds isn’t always easy. So, you might take the help of a professional gardening service provider for that. If you live near Portsmouth, you can go for gardener Portsmouth for this purpose. It will help to keep your garden in the best of conditions.