It feels awesome to date guys with that perfect abs and well built body frame. It is a match made in heaven (or gym) if you are a girl who loves being fit. You don’t just have a boyfriend; you have blessed yourself with a gym instructor and fitness advisor. You don’t need to find a perfect place to go on a date, you have gym you can very well meet him there.

But if you are that couch potato who would be better off binge watching with a bowl of popcorn, it does feel difficult to deal with them when they are so much dedicated with hitting the gym every day. However ladies there are massive differences between a guy who is dedicated to his workout schedule and the one who is obsessed. Let’s figure out the ordeals that one has to face while handling these dedicated fitness enthusiast:

Lectures and fitness mantras

There is constant number of facts flowing from them about the advantages of being fit, health facts and how refreshing it is to hit the gym and you keep wondering when did sweating like hell become refreshing .All this while you though refreshment was munching a pack of French fries and sipping coke. Be ready to hear them on a regular basis.

Sweat clothes

If you stay with your boyfriend, you always end up seeing clothes drenched in sweat lying around your house. Don’t you even dare to delay throwing them for a wash. You don’t want to have a house that is stinking or your boyfriend running around the house searching for his gym wear.

 Protein shake bottles

Your kitchen sink will be filed with protein shake bottles. And you get to see all the new arrivals in the market, while all you know is coke and other carbonated drinks.

Prepare to be in the gym

In no time he will start giving you all the motivational speeches to join gym. How it will make you feel better and you can get into shape. Well it is totally up to you on how you take this. For some it is a chance to redeem them and pump some iron and for other others it is not their cup of tea. If you don’t want it just say it.

Favorite food and restaurants

You no longer visit those fancy restaurants which serves your favorite food with cheese overloaded. You will have to cut down on all your junk food carving. Any time he is ready with the calorie chart

Diet fads

Juice cleanses or crab cycling whatever is the fad, he will let you know about it and you are upto date with all the information.

Early risers

Almost all fitness enthusiast rise early to hit the gym, while you are rolling on your bed wondering what to have for breakfast.

Moving house

You know how difficult it is to move things around within house or when you are shifting entirely. But you have got your boyfriend who can help you with all the chores with less complaining; as it is not a tough ask for him.

Dedicated and devoted

You know his dedication towards gym; this shows even if the task kept against him is uphill he will try his hand. This similar to your relationship, he is dedicated and works towards your relationship.

They can do things they don’t want to

Not every time they love eating bland foods for the sake of fitness. They hate them too but they love their fitness and are willing to go through it. This is an aspect which should make any women feel happy. You can actually expect him to do something just for your sake.

With all the pros and cons listed out at the end of the day you know they are healthy and have well built bodies that can make many ladies go “wow”.

But when this dedication does becomes obsession..

Anything in excess is not good even if it means going to gym or exercising. Working out too much is an addiction just like drug addiction; it will have negative effects on body unless one is preparing for a physically demanding event like marathon or races.

There are certain problems associated with these obsessed guys. They believe in bodily perfection and turn out to be more sexist and objectify women. They choose girls with slim and slender bodies. They expect too much of perfection, which crosses limits many a times. Often their behavior is termed as being aggressive towards their partners. They tend to spend to less time with you because of their heavily demanding work out schedules. However this is not a generalization.

Not all of them have the same issues; their recent addiction to gym might be because of various other external factors like stress or is forced to look in a certain way.

 What to do when he is obsessed?

Try to confront him about his issues. Ask what has caused him to take up so much of exercising. He might get defensive with phrases like “staying healthy” etc. But when you realize he has crossed the limits of just hitting the gym to an obsession its time you interfere and stop him. Explain why you feel that he has crossed the limits of dedication and entered the region of obsession. Also let him know about the ill effects of too much of working out and how it is putting strain on your relationship.

Trying talking to his gym instructor about his workout pattern, a professional advice will make him think.

Join gym with him occasionally, spending time with your partner will let him limit his stress and is also healthy to you.

Observe what is making him spend so much of time there.

Try taking to a doctor or counselor, it is similar to drug addiction requires lot of attention before it goes completely out of hand.

As a girlfriend it is your responsibility to check on your partner’s unhealthy obsession or addiction. After all you care for them.