Most people don’t really look forward to their trip to the dentist and there’s always a little bit of fear about whether or not they’ll find something that will require them to bring out that big drill. However for some people anxiety involving dentists is a very real fear that is so bad they skip their dental checkups because of it.

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The condition itself is commonly known as ‘dental anxiety’ and it affects up to 15% of people. Even though dental technology has come a long way and ‘big scary drills’ are mostly a thing of the past, there’s still a certain level of fear associated with a trip to the dentist and if it is severe enough to prompt you to miss your dental checkups then you should attempt to deal with it.

To cope with dental anxiety, you should first begin to communicate with your dentist on a more personal level. Tell them about your anxiety and talk to them about it. Considering the fact that dental anxiety is so common, dentists tend to know how to deal with it and will be able to help make you feel more comfortable.

One way to ease your anxiety somewhat is to agree with your dentist on a specific hand-signal that you’ll use if you feel any pain or discomfort. By doing so the fear that you’ll be in pain but won’t be able to communicate it because your mouth is wedged open will be lessened.

On top of that you may be able to ask your dentist to take a break in between long dental procedures. That way it will give you a chance to calm any nerves that are building up before going back in.

Assuming your anxiety is so severe, the dentist may even recommend that you use anesthesia that is either local or a sedative. Generally speaking full sedation is almost always unnecessary however in particularly severe cases of anxiety it may help and is definitely better than opting out of treatment.

Suffice to say there are ways of dealing with anxiety involving dentists and all that you need to do is take the first step and talk to your dentist about it. It helps if you’re going to a dentist that you’re comfortable with, or one with a track record and reputation that reassures you.

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