There was a big party last night and you were having fun dancing and drinking. But once the morning comes, you cannot get out of the bed easily and you wish you’ve never drunk that much. Your body feels the side effect of alcohol, including a headache, nausea and weakness and you can get to feel better once you get the desired rest and the needed hydration to recover. The following tips may be of great help to you so that you won’t regret drinking that much.

Get The Needed Sleep

Your body needs to recover, so you should rest well. Getting the needed sleep is a must in these situations, so if you have the chance to stay an extra hour or two in bed it will definitely help you.

Take A Cool Shower

A cool shower is what you will need when you get up and feel hangover. It will clean you up, freshen up and wake up your senses as well.

Drink Water

Alcohol can make you feel dehydrated, so you should drink a lot of water. You should also practice drinking water when drinking alcohol so that you can feel better in the morning. For instance, if you are drinking a glass of wine you should drink together with it a glass of water.

Drink Some Detox Smoothie

Besides water, you can also fight a hangover in the morning with a healthy smoothie. Make a mixture of fruits and veggies that will help you boost your energy and get you ready for the day, just like coffee will do.

avoid caffeine

Avoid Caffeine

Yes, coffee can wake you up in the morning, but when you have a hangover you should avoid it. It can dehydrate you and thus worsen your headache. As an alternative, you can go for a cup of sweetened tea. The caffeine and sugar will boost your energy for a while without dehydrating you.

Eat Mineral and Protein-Rich Food

Food may be the last thing on your mind when you are feeling hungover, but it can help you a lot. Mineral and the protein-rich food is what you need, like a few crackers or a banana. You can also have a chicken noodle soup. Some people can even feel well if they eat something greasy, like burger and fries. So, you may want to try this if you feel like you can eat that.

Some Exercise Can Do Wonders Too

A little exercise can help restore your body and mind, increase your metabolism and help you get rid of toxins easily. You may not want to go to the gym to sweat the toxins out of you, but you can do some little exercise. So, even a short walk in nature to breathe some fresh air and get a little sunshine will help you recharge.

Avoid Darker-Colored Alcoholic Drinks

Well, this is actually about the night when you are drinking, but can help in the morning for sure. If you drink clear beverages, like vodka and gin, you will have less hangover than when drinking dark ones, like red wine, whiskey etc. This is because darker beverages contain methanol whose metabolites are toxic and as such cause worse hangover.

Avoid Pain Killers

When you have that terrible headache caused of drinking too much, you will for sure want to grab a quick pain reliever. But you should avoid it, because certain products, like ibuprofen, aspirin, and Tylenol can have side effect while you still have alcohol in your system. So, in case you still need to take one, then go for a very low dose and avoid acetaminophen.

So, always drink smartly in order not to regret the day after. But if you still do, then try to follow the above tips that will definitely help you cure your hangover easily and thus make you feel better.