You have finally found a room to save your kid’s toys, giving your little ones a space to express themselves and a room to get their creative juices flowing.

Designing, organizing , and maintaining your kid’s playroom is far from easy; you have to make the most of the limited space you have to work with.

As a parent, providing a creative space for your kids where they can spend as much time as necessary playing and being kids is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Space Allocation

Truth be told, not all parents have the luxury of allocating an entire room to be used for play. One common misconception is that your children’s playroom should be an actual room or in one location.

If you are like most of us and you do not have an extra room to be used for play, you can create little play zones in strategic spaces around your home.

You can set up 3-4 play zones around your home, one of the zones could be a quiet corner in your living room, another on your patio, a third zone in their bedroom and another by the dining area.

By zoning your kids’ play areas, they can take part in different activities in each zone; you can decide to zone your play spaces according to the type of activities they host.

Plan the Space

If you have a room to spare for play, you should plan out the entire area, clear out the room, and allocate different functions to each area of the room.

When preparing this room, you will want to fix anything that needs fixing and update the entire profile of this space, clean it thoroughly then paint the room with your kids and spouse.

For those of us with wooden floors, have the floor sanded and finished to protect the surface from damage. Consider what your kids are into and what their talents are, if you have multiple kids of varying ages, incorporate a bit of what everyone likes, so it genuinely feels like a communal space.

Interactive Spaces

Based on what your kids are interested in, you should include different items that stimulate growth and helps them grow.

You can include an interactive area rug or two to facilitate play, a simple table for your future artist to create on, a book corner with cozy pillows to help your little one become a real bookworm.

Do not forget to include a hideaway for your little angels; it’s not easy being a kid in this vast world, including a little retreat where your kids can go when being a kid becomes too stressful is essential.

Outdoor Play Area

No matter how perfect your playroom or play areas are, there’s no replacing the joy of being outside; you can create a play area for your kids on your patio or in the backyard.

You can create an entirely new structure outside for your children or make use of what you currently have. If utilising an old garage, consider a surface that’s easy to clean such as an epoxy surface for the garage floor.

Polished concrete combines the beauty of natural stone with the strength and durability of concrete to produce a result that’s easy to maintain and long-lasting.


As a parent, it’s easy to feel like toys keep multiplying themselves each time you look away, having a way for your little ones to store their toys and creative materials are very important.

Make use of a mix of open and closed storage areas; open storage allows you to store and display toys and artworks that add personality and beauty to the room.

Closed storage is for storing toys with multiple pieces such as legos, messy items like glitter and glue, and everything else that will make the room harder to maintain and navigate through.

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