How to create, scale and print blueprints

At times, instead of just printing what you can see on your computer and fit it on a piece of paper, you might need to print a floor plan drawing to an accurate architectural scale.

The scale is the number of metres that one pixel on your printer or your computer screen represents in the “real world”. If you think, “I would like one pixel on my computer screen to translate into three metres”, you’re describing the accurate scale that you want to be displayed on your printer or screen. You can actually zoom to a precise scale if you need to.

No matter if you’re an architecture student, a general contractor, a worker in the construction field or if you’re just a do-it-yourself constructor. Knowing how to read architectural plans and how to scale them is a key skill.

Learning how to read architectural plans and how to print them in scale is a key skill to build something. Architectural drawings can vary from simple to extremely complex, and therefore comprehending how to interpret these drawings is essential for completing the project effectively and with precision.

If you work in the construction industry, the skill to read architectural plans and to print them in scale won’t only increase your value to your employer but is a staple to anyone who would like to advance in their career as a specialist contractor.


Architectural plans are just 2D drawings

Architectural plans are 2D drawings that help explain the details of a specific project. They give a visual representation of what precisely needs to be constructed. Details like dimensions, placement, parts, as well as materials for each project can be found in architectural drawings to make sure the project is completed accurately.


Printing my architectural plan

You want your architectural plans and engineering files to be crisp, accurate, and on time. As a professional, you do not have time to be driving across town to print your projects. Your architectural prints are the core of your architectural design, it’s of the utmost importance that they’re always carefully prepared. A local reliable blueprint printing provider will be able to transform your drawings into a set of blueprints.


Scale and size when it comes to blueprints

When it comes to construction drawings there can be some confusion concerning scaling and size. Let’s have a closer look at some of the industry standards to better comprehend the roles of each. Most architectural drawings that are created by an architect need to be at a specific scale. This identification is usually noted near the bottom of the drawing, or just under an individual section. In order to save some money during the printing process, contractors can have their architectural plans printed at half scale or half size. If done properly, the architectural plan will still be scaled correctly. Many architectural drawings are scaled at their full size. In case you are working with a PDF you can find out the architectural plan’s dimensions by checking the options section of your software. The architectural plan’s dimensions will be displayed here.