In the revolutionary period, arranging your trips for holidays with family and friends has become more simple than ever. Online reservations of airlines, restaurants, and your dreaming hotels have made life convenient. One only has to pack their belongings and enjoy the holiday season.

As horrific as it sounds, a scam in traveling agencies is rising day by day. Fighting these thefts and scams is vital, otherwise, your summer holidays may not be as intoxicating as planned. Before one plan to hop on the plan this June, you must know the indication and some of the main cams persuading travel agencies in 2020. As reported by Forter, thefts in the travel sector rose by approximately sixteen percent in 2017 and the amount has risen ever since.  Let’s dig deeper into this blog and acknowledge ourselves about the indications of travel agency scams and how to fight against them.


Thefts in the Travel Sector

The increase in scammed by travel agents are making it difficult for clients to utilize any online platforms. Some of the thefts reported by the travel agency include low-priced offerings, free stay at certain hotels, free discounts, and pick and drop facility.

Exceedingly low-priced hotel rooms and permits are one of the widely used thefts that individuals always fall for. It is innovative for clients to pay less and enjoy to the fullest. Therefore, the innovative ideas demand extra dollars. If your travel agents are providing efficiently less price from the market which is indirectly meant that you are going to fall into a trap of scams. Rather than offering low pricing, criminals also provide free trips and innovative coupons to reach their targets. Has your representative offered a free coupon to your favorite adventure place? Organizations offer coupons but they do not provide free trips to any clients.


Indication to Combat the Thefts

Recognizing scams in the travel sector only desires attentive minds and exposure about the indication for enhanced identification.


Down Payments

If your travel agency is desiring a down payment for a reservation, check again. One may be socializing with a forged agent who only requires cash from you. Legal agents never acquire cash before processing the booking details. Once the information is processed and it’s time to equip tickets and other information, agencies will require the down payment. Some travel agencies also require half advanced cash. This is only validated but never falls for full payments. The client data must be safe and you may be safeguarding the agency and its stakeholders is identity authentication.


No Paper-centric Contracts

Always ask for a written contract or a printed document for your booking. Fraudsters will never provide documentation for the transactions, but real agencies will communicate the process in a written document for sure. Otherwise, it’s a scam and stays away from any agencies with no documented proof.


Fighting Criminal with Video KYC

Criminals are now climbing into the digital world and finding more sophisticated methods to recognize individuals in all industries. Travel agencies are also not secured especially if you are operating online. The client data must be safe and you may be safeguarding the agency and its stakeholders is identity verification.

Providing robust IDV measures like video know your customer can aid travel agents onboard legal customers in real-time. Furthermore, clients feel appreciated if organizations authenticate everyone during onboarding.

If you are overlooking for a travel agency to aid you with the requirements, it is better to identify the authentication software of the organization. In the advanced era, digital client authentication through video knows your customer is an efficient option for the travel sector globally.

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