The garage is the one area in the house that inevitably is so cluttered that the mere idea of cleaning and organizing it is enough to send anyone into a panicky state! Why is it that our garages and storerooms always get so messy? The answer is simple: garages and storerooms are generally not visible, and hence, they do not get as much attention as the rest of the house.

Whether you like to admit it or not, there are many days when you make an effort to clean up the house only because you know that if a visitor was to see the state it is in, they would be aghast! That is hardly ever a consideration with these out-of-sight spots, and so they are neglected over time!


If your garage and storeroom have heaps and heaps of things stocked up on top of each other in scarily high and doddering piles, you have to do something about it now! This article will help you organize your garage and storeroom into a neat and orderly system, which will also be easy to maintain!

How to Start Cleaning

Begin by clearing out all the clutter and mess. You will have to carry everything out to be able to clean the space up and organize it properly. Take everything out and put it in the front yard, the lawn, or the driveway. Keep all the things in neat piles according to categories: old toys and clothes can go to one side, tools and supplies you need on hand can go to another, broken and unusable items should be marked for disposal and anything you do not need should be kept aside to be given away.

The next step is to clean the garage or storeroom out. Since you probably will not be able to do this very often, it is important to do so properly. Use a broom to sweep the entire place out and use a long-handled broom for the ceiling and other high areas like shelves etc. After you have swept the place, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dust and dirt and to get rid of cobwebs. If you have the time, and you think the place is dirty enough to warrant it, use a mop and water or even a detergent solution to wash the whole place out. You can hire The House Removals purley for hassle free garage clearance.

The next step is to put everything back in. Before you start rearranging the place, you must make sure all the items are clean too. Use a soft cloth to wipe every individual piece and maybe even vacuum them if needed. After you are done with this, decide where everything needs to be kept. Create an orderly plan for the arrangement so that you can maintain the place better from hereon. Assign a place to every item based on how often it needs to be used. Invest in some storage Hackney and organization supplies such as hanging racks, shelves, containers and boxes. These will help you stay organized and keep everything arranged neatly.

For those who are willing to take this activity a step further and maintain the effort they made, we advise attaching small, clear labels to each storage box or container N11 indicating the items that are kept inside it. Labels will help you locate things easily and will make it easy to remember where things have to be put back after they have been used. This might seem a tad bit excessive at the onset, but in the end can really help in keeping the place clean.

Maintaining the cleanliness is important; otherwise, the entire activity will have been in vain. Inform the whole family that they need to put things back properly after they are done using them. In addition, regular dusting, sweeping and vacuuming can really help prevent build-up.