Anchor screws fix onto the walls and help you hang heavy items, especially in those areas where the wall does not support a stud to place nails. If installed appropriately, these screws have the ability to support over 70 pounds of weight and thus they remain to be an incredible option for hanging mirror, paintings and heavy frames as well.

Search for Ultimate Screw Anchor in 5 Steps

The search for the best screw anchors is not an easy one. There are a plethora of options to choose from and each one of them seems to be almost the same. This is where five simple and easy steps can create a huge difference and they are:

Step 1: Understand the Requirements You Have

The first and perhaps the most important step are to analyze the requirements that you have. For this, prepare a checklist of the priorities that you have, so that you are aware of your expectations from the screw anchor that you choose. There can be both domestic and commercial requirements for the screw anchors, so you need to choose accordingly.

For example, if the weight of the items that you are about to hang is too much and you are concerned whether the screws will be able to handle them or not, then mention it as your priority so that the same can be considered while you are looking for the best options available out there.

Step 2: Focus on Various Options Available

The different screw anchors are broadly classified into three categories and they are:

  • Screw Drill Anchors: These are the one that is directly drilled into the walls and are capable of handling a good amount of weight. However, before you select them you must ensure whether your walls can be drilled or not.
  • Metals and Plastic Cones: These screw anchors come are fixed onto pre-drilled holes and thus drilling the wall and then placing them is of utmost importance. For this, you will need specialized tools that will help you drill the wall and then place the screw anchor.
  • Molly & Toggle Bolts: These are regarded to be a convenient option when dealing with too much weight, yet they may not be the ideal pick for every job.

Step 3: Always Plan Ahead

People often tend to overlook the importance of planning ahead and wait until the moment when their existing screw anchor is no ability to serve its purpose anymore. This must be avoided; you should search for potential options beforehand and find a permanent solution to it. Replacing or removing the anchors every now and then would just cut a hole around and push the anchors into the wall.

Step 4: Consider the Holding Power

The relative strength of the anchor screws is crucial too. This provides you with a clear picture of the weight that can hold firmly. When you are planning to hang moderate weight onto them then options such as plastic and metal screws or the drills can serve the purpose, but again this is influenced by the quality of the material that you choose too.

The last and perhaps an integral step is to look after the price of the screw anchor. As there are many reputable companies out there that come up with premium quality anchor screws at value for money prices, the trick is to find those who deliver the perfect balance of both price and quality. There are different varieties of screw anchors that are available in the market and depending on the non-corrosive nature of the screws and on the type of walls on which you need to place the screw anchor, you can choose different price ranges and carry on with your construction projects.