Mountain bikes are probably the most popular type of bicycle available today, and with good reason, they are able to take almost any kind of terrain in their stride, are very comfortable to ride, and they also perform well on long urban daily commute rides.

The same versatility that has led to this type of bike being so popular, has also led to the development of several subgroups of mountain bike, each one particularly suited to its own environment. Downhill mountain bikes feature very stable geometries that perform well when gravity is on your side, whilst cross country mountain bikes tend to be faster and lighter.

You can also customize your mountain bike for road use very easily, simply swap the rugged off road tyres for a set of slicks to reduce drag, and lock out your suspension if your bike provides this option. Hardtail mountain bikes are generally a better choice for road use than full suspension bikes.

Choosing the Correct Frame Size

When shopping for a bike it is imperative to buy a cycle with a frame that is the correct size for you. If you cannot place both feet flat on the floor whilst sat on the saddle, the bike frame is too big for you. Conversely, if your knees are hitting the handlebars whilst pedalling uphill, then the bike frame is too small for you.

Choosing the correct frame size is not only a matter of comfort, it also affects safety. If you have to stop at traffic lights, and cannot plant your feet firmly on the ground due to an oversized frame, then there is a danger of you falling over in the middle of the road, potentially in the path of oncoming traffic. If the frame is too small and your knees are hitting the handlebars, then this could force the bike to change course and result in an accident. If you visit a bike shop in Swindon, and the shop does not have the bike you want in the correct size, it really is better to wait for them to order one in, than to buy a cycle that does not fit your body size.

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How Much Should I Spend?

That’s entirely up to you, but I would suggest you allow yourself a bare minimum budget of around £400 to purchase a quality adult mountain bike. Brands such as Merida, Saracen, and Kona have being creating top quality mountain bikes for well over a decade now, and the experience they have gained over this time is clearly evident in the build quality of their latest lines. If you are on a tight budget, it’s hard to beat Merida’s lineup for affordable quality, though Saracen do also have a few very appealing low cost options. Kona’s most affordable models are slightly pricier, at between five and six hundred pounds, but considering that Kona are globally considered as one of the best Mountain bike manufacturers in existence, the additional cost is money well spent.