Are you moving to a new home? There surely must be a level of excitement in your heart, but nervousness is normal and honestly, quite understandable. It is not easy to pack up everything and move to a new home, especially to a new state. Not only do you have to deal with the newness of the neighborhood, but there are other factors too that add to the stress, and packing up your home is one of the biggest causes. But we have good news! Now, you don’t have to deal with all this anxiety all by yourself! There is a way where you can outsource this chaotic work to professionals who deal with all aspects of moving so that you can step into your new life in the most relaxed manner.

The removals business has gained a lot of popularity and one of the main reasons is that people don’t want to deal with all the logistics and stress of handling the move alone. Having professionals deal with the situation is easier. But this spike in interest in removal companies in the recent past has also resulted in many random removal companies who claim to be great but that is far from the truth. Which is why, you can view this article as a guide that will help you find interstate removalists that are best suited to you and your specific needs.

Before we jump into the topic, it is important to understand the different types of interstate removal companies and choose which type fits the bill for you. The main types of interstate removal companies are –

  1. Residential interstate removals

This is a removal company that deals with families or individuals who are planning to move from their home. These are more efficient at handling home removals and know how to pack room by room to avoid confusions. They also take a lot of care to make sure that the family stays relaxed and calm as possible. Not only are they skilled when it comes to packing and moving, but they have great people skills as well. You can find all types of removal companies dealing in sizes of projects, be it a small studio apartment or a large home.

  1. Commercial interstate removals

Commercial removals are a bit trickier compared to residential removals. Relocating an office or a business is never easy, because often there is a lot of inventory to be moved and a lot of logistics involved. Commercial moves are also often referred to as industrial or corporate moves. Usually in a workplace, you have a lot of furniture and cabinets, which is why commercial removals require bigger vehicles and more manpower. Hiring commercial interstate removals makes shifting base a lot easier, so hire one today!

Where can you find reliable interstate removalists?

  1. Online

These days, you can easily find the answers to the trickiest of questions on Google. It is no surprise that a quick Google search can help you filter out a lot of stuff. You can go for the top-rated interstate removals in your area. Just make sure that you read all the reviews, and if you feel like it, you can even get in touch with them directly to know more about their experience! Through Google you can also visit their website to know more about the removal company. The answers are on your fingertips, literally!

Apart from Google you can also use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to find out about the best and most popular removal companies in your locality.

  1. Through friends and family

If you are someone who only trusts your own personal sources, then asking your friends and family is also a great idea. Someone or the other would have definitely moved homes or offices at some point in your friend and family asking them will also be a great idea.

  1. Your local classifieds

If you have a local classified service in your area, then skim through it. Usually, services like these are often posted on these platforms, and you never know, you might just find the perfect interstate removal company for you!

What are the certain features you must look for in a great interstate removalist?

  1. A valid AFRA accreditation

AFRA stands for Australian Furniture Removal Association. This is a certificate that all good removal companies in Australia must have. The AFRA has a set of guidelines and rules every company must follow, to make sure that the services match up to the expectations of people. It is not easy to get an AFRA accreditation, so when you see that a removal company has this certificate, you can be sure that they have done their share of hard work to get this.

  1. A large team

Actually this criteria completely depends on the size of your moving project. If you are just moving from a small apartment, any small company can also get the job done. But when it comes to having a large team, it shows you that the company has invested in their employees and they have a wide reach. The number of employees shows you that the company is better established than others.

  1. Number of years of experience

There are many removal companies that might have just started yesterday, so you want to make sure that you go for companies that are more experienced. After all, experience is the best way to better your work, and the more experience a removal company has, the better they will be at their job. We suggest that you consider removal companies with at least one decade of experience if you want to move with absolutely zero stress.

  1. High-quality storage facilities

Storage facilities are key. Make sure that the removal company you are considering has ample storage space and that they store your belongings in a secure and hygienic way. There are certain AFRA standards that each storage facility must adhere to, so do your research on that as well.

  1. Vehicles and insurance

Make sure that the removal company has big enough vehicles to accommodate all your stuff. You want to make sure that all your stuff can fit into the truck in one go. Also, make sure that they are covered by insurance in case anything does go wrong. Better safe than sorry!

You must go ahead with choosing a removal company by keeping all these pointers in mind so that you can make a wise and well thought out decision.