A survey report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2015 said that about 10,000 car crashes that happened in 2005-2007 were brake-related. When you find yourself on the road accident, one of the factors that could make a huge difference between ending up in a minor or major accident is the question of whether you have an excellent brake system or not, with the right parts installed. An ill-fitting brake disc, on the other hand, could lead to devastating consequences for you, your passengers and fellow drivers on the road. That’s why choosing the right disc brake and disc brake kits matter.

Disc Brakes: Definition

Disc brakes are discs that essentially generate friction in order to stop a car, Car Bibles explains. Whenever you step on your brake pedals, those are your disc brakes—along with other brake system parts—in action. In the past, cars used drum brakes to generate friction. However, these parts tended to wear out rather quickly and needed to be replaced often. Disc brakes lost longer, though, and they have more braking power, so they’re the go-to choice for plenty of drivers these days.

Choosing Disc Brakes Kits

A disc brake kit is often made up of brake pads and brake discs. While there are plenty of considerations to take into account when shopping for C10 disc brake kits from reliable e-shops like McGaughys Suspension Online, one of the first things you need to check out is your ride’s wheel size. You need to make sure the wheel size is a match for the kit, says How Stuff Works. If you get the wrong one, don’t try make-do with an ill-fitting disc brake, thinking to save yourself some money in the process. The size must be compatible with your kit. Otherwise, you need to shell out funds for a new one. That or risk getting into an accident when you get behind the wheel.

Other Considerations

Driving needs. Aside from wheel size compatibility, factor in your driving needs as well. Do you drive your car over rough terrain with much regularity or simply drive over well-cemented streets and highways? Rough terrain can be tough on your car parts and systems, so you might need to go for brands especially designed for heavy-duty use. This is also an excellent choice to go for if you’re driving an SUV or truck around.

Budget. While you want to avoid sticker shock, going for the cheapest option isn’t the wisest or most practical move you can make. Remember that you get what you pay for so go for reasonably-priced disc brakes and disc brake kits instead of the cheapest ones. You’ll get more bang for your buck that way.


So don’t overlook the parts in your brake system. By making the right choices when you shop for disc brakes and disc brake kits, you don’t just ensure that your car demonstrates better performance on the road, you help make the roads safer for everyone as well.