The State of Utah has a general climate that is ideal for gardening. Utah is mainly dry for most of the year, having long hot summers than winters. Due to the climate, most Utah homes have yard gardens. It is also a common sight to see different types and sizes of sheds in Utah.

The Evolution of Sheds

Speaking of sheds, the backyard garden shed of yesteryears has evolved into something that we may not even recognize. Gone are the days when garden sheds are supposed to contain only gardening equipment and tools. Backyard sheds today come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, and are used for a lot of other purposes aside from being a storage space. Some sheds are even being used as additional living areas so that guests and in-laws have a place to stay. Modern sheds also match the overall esthetics of the main house, so they will not stick out. 

If you are planning to get a shed for your yard, here are the things that you must consider. 

The Purpose of the Shed

Sheds may have different purposes. The most common use of a shed is to store equipment and tools. However, sheds have also served other purposes. You can use your shed to function as an office, a workshop, or a hobby room to work on projects with little or no distraction. You can also use your shed as a clubhouse or play area for children. Your shed can also function as an isolated guest room that can accommodate visiting in-laws or friends. With all the different selection of sheds in Utah, you can easily find a shed that will match its intended purpose. 

The Size of Your Yard

Your choice of a shed will also depend on the size of your yard. The average Utah residential lot sizes are 0.18 acres or roughly 7840 square feet. This area is large enough to accommodate a shed of a substantial size, such as 12-by-12. However, the size of your yard should not be the only factor in choosing a large shed. You should also consider esthetic and design elements when choosing shed sizes. For example, will a large shed look proportional to your existing landscapes, yard features, and yard flora? If you need a large shed, it is best to consider installing one towards the back of your yard where it will not compete with the main house for attention. 

What the Shed Will Store 

Having a backyard shed will free up clutter from your basement, garage, or attic so that you can convert these indoor areas into livable or usable spaces. However, most people underestimate the amount of stuff they need to store and end up with a shed that is too small. If you are going to use the shed for storage, it is essential to list all the possible equipment and stuff that you are planning to keep there. When calculating the required storage space, remember that their lengths and widths do not only measure sheds. You should also consider the height of the shed you are going to install. Having a tall outbuilding such as a barnyard type shed will allow you to have two floors for storage. 

Shed Material

While you are choosing from among the different sheds in Utah, you will observe that they are made from different materials, such as vinyl, resin, wood, and metal. Wood is an attractive material for a shed. However, if not appropriately treated, wooden sheds may be susceptible to rotting and termite damage. On the other hand, metal sheds are very durable but may become too hot during the summers. Your choice of shed material will ultimately depend on how you weigh the different material choices and the purpose that you want your shed to serve.

Soil Foundation

The yard’s soil foundation will also factor in the size and location of your shed. If you are planning a two-story barnyard-type shed, you must have a solid foundation to build your shed on. You should also consider the location where you plan to put your shed. Low areas may get puddled during heavy rains. It is best to choose a flat area with a solid foundation to have a shed built on. 


You should also check for community regulations before having a shed installed. Some communities may require you to get permits and meet specific requirements before installing a shed. 

It is essential to carefully consider all your options and limitations so that you can choose from the available sheds in Utah that can perfectly match your yard.