Choosing the right furniture for your home office isn’t easy as it looks at first sight. Home office should be a place where you feel comfortable, because you spend a large part of your day there. It also represents you in front of your clients. It represents your style. Your home office design tells your clients how much do you care for them by welcoming them in nice and pleasant surroundings.

Before you start buying furniture for your home office, consider few things that may be useful and helpful.

  1. Feel the space. Stand in the middle of your current or future home office, and try to imagine how you would want it to look like. Estimate the amount of free space, so you can choose the furniture of right size. Being alone in your home office or sharing office space has an effect on amount of space that will be occupied by the office furniture you pick. In the end, it is the spot where you’ll spend eight or more hours daily, so you don’t want to feel like you work in a cubicle when you have the freedom to design it as you wish.home office 1
  1. Determine your budget. It is your decision how much money you are willing to spend on every piece of your future office furniture. Remember that it is better to spend more time searching for affordable furniture pieces than going to the nearest store and buying the first thing you see and spend several pay checks on it. Pay for each piece of furniture that you want according to its importance to you and your office design. It is wiser to spend a larger amount of money on quality office chair, than to wall shelves.
  1. Determine your style. According to your business and to your personal preferences choose the right style. There is a wide range of styles that you can choose from, whether it’s antique or modern one with lots of shiny metal and glass details. Remember not to put the visual effect in front of the comfort that you need in your home office

4. Get creative. Having a home office is a perfect opportunity for you to channel your inner Picasso. Well, not necessarily Picasso, but… you know. You will be able to be in charge of the entire décor, colors, furniture, accessories… you can do everything with taste and your personal feeling of utility pinned to certain pieces of affordable office furniture you pick. Don’t forget to add a plant or two – they will add freshness to your space and they are healthy to keep indoors, too!home office 3

  1. Ask around. You are probably surrounded with a bunch of creative, open-minded people with a neck for variety of things. Instead of paying huge amount of money on a interior decorator, ask for a helping hand from your friends in the business. Some of them may even be willing to help decorate your home office for free while others may be open for a friendly discount. Even if you know nobody in the business, make decorating a joint venture with one (or couple of) your friends you know are creative and have brilliant ideas. Also, see if they’ve got some of their old furniture that they don’t use any longer. Obviously, you will not go for anything broken or unfitting for your office style, but you’d be surprised how much of the furniture is unjustly disposed of. With a little refurbrushing, you’ve got yourself a new furniture set!

So, are you ready to get creative? Bet you are! And remember – you are the one in charge! Make sure you make that home office sparkle!