Are you in the market for your next kitchen worktop? Have you made your choice material-wise? If you love the look of natural stone but don’t want to bother with the maintenance needed to keep it in good shape, then engineered quartz worktops are for you.

The last couple of years saw the surge in popularity of this particular worktop material. Once you consider quartz’s stunning aesthetic paired with impeccable durability and easy upkeep, it really easy to see why a growing number of homeowners choose this engineered stone over natural ones like marble and granite.

Why choose quartz?

With engineered quartz, you get the best of both natural stone and synthetic technology in one package. That’s already high points for both durability and beauty.

Virtually immune to scratching and resistant to staining, this engineered stone is sure to give you years of service with no compromise in looks. Homeowners planning on renovating kitchens or bathrooms should strongly consider investing in engineered worktops.

But how do you choose the perfect one for your latest project? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing engineered quartz worktops.

Always consider the lighting in the room

Lighting, whether natural or artificial, affects the colour of your quartz worktop. So be sure to see the actual material by visiting showrooms and avoiding online purchases. Going to showrooms to see the actual product also gives you a chance to talk to sales representatives who can help you further with your choice.

Consider existing colours and surfaces in the room where it will be installed

Before you make your colour choice, be sure to take note of whatever existing surfaces or colours are present in the room where your worktop is to be installed. The floor, the walls, other worktops, etc.

If it is a renovation, you might want to maintain the colour combinations and go for a worktop with a similar shade as the old one. Getting the right colour ensures that you will enjoy your worktop’s beauty for years to come instead of creating a future eyesore.

Know the actual use of the worktop you are buying

Colour choice becomes easier once you know where the worktop is to be used. Is the worktop for kitchen duty with lots of baking and cooking involved? Then, you are better off with a lighter shade to be able to see spills better making clean up that much easier.

Planning to use the worktop in the bathroom? Then, consider a darker shade to see soap spots and watermarks better.

Which is more affordable, granite or quartz?

This is one of the questions often raised by homeowners who are caught between granite and quartz. However, the simple answer to this seemingly complex question is as variable as the different types of quartz and natural stones you can choose from.

Basically, it all depends on the specific type of quartz or granite you finally choose. The key here is to find a combination of the defend factors that work best for you and your kitchen, such as colour, texture, finish, edging, design, etc.

Pick a worktop that really appeals to you

Finally, when you make your final choice, be sure the quartz worktops you choose is the one you want. Nothing beats knowing that you got what you want over what others think you should get.  Your worktop will give you years of satisfied service, so better make sure you end up with the right one for you.

Additionally, ensure that your worktop is properly installed by a professional and experienced fabricator to avoid unnecessary costs if your worktop is not installed correctly.

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