Did you just sign up for dance classes and you don’t know which clothes are the most suitable? You should know that these clothes depend on the type of dance you are going to practice.

Classical dance is a discipline characterized by rigor, accuracy of posture and also elegance. The garments you choose should reflect these particularities of classical dance. If the dance school does not indicate a specific color, the most common are pastel tones or the sobriety of black. From a practical point of view, classical dance clothes must be tight so that the teacher can perfectly visualize the movements and give the appropriate indications. The goal is to perfect the postures accurately and without discomfort.

Tap, jazz and current move classes regularly request you to wear jazz jeans or stockings over the highest point of your leotard. Also, you might need to wear an over-the-leotard skirt some shorts. These are regularly worn in dark or the shading coordinating your leotard

The classic ones
The basic classical dance garments are: a jersey (simple or with a skirt) and socks (microfiber ones are the most resistant). Depending on your level of practice, you will need slippers, socks
tips or ends. For the tips, you can choose between leather (more resistant) or fabric (which can be machine washed). Finally, during the winter, so that you do not go cold during rehearsals, opt for a crossed jacket and warmers, which will help you keep your muscles warm. A practical and elegant element is the ballerina bun to collect hair. It’s a touch that sublimates the style and makes the dancer shine like a star!

What clothes must be used for modern dance?
Modern dance mixes different influences and dances, from jazz to classical dance, through urban and even tribal dances. It does not follow a strict dress code. The teacher will indicate it to you depending on your artistic influences. However, something that all styles have in common is that the garments should be comfortable to perform without any discomfort all movements and postures. Vaporous clothing guarantees total freedom of movement. The basic modern dance equipment is a black bottom (long pants, shorts or leggings) preferably tight and a top with the shape and style you want but that allows you to chain the positions fluently. As for footwear, the main thing is that you notice the support on the floor with maximum comfort. For this we recommend dancers, flexible and comfortable. If your knees are fragile, we recommend that you train with a knee brace, to avoid possible injuries.

What clothing must be used for street dance?

Street dance, or urban dance, is characterized by wide and abrupt movements, chain of very wide rapid steps and figures on the ground. The notion of style is fundamental to adapt to the codes of this universe. If you are part of a «tribe», you will wear a specific look to claim your membership in this group. It is important that, as in the other disciplines, clothing brings you comfort and fluidity of movement. The first rule you should follow: unleash your imagination, create your own style! Here are some practical tips: opt for a wide-legged trousers, baggy pants or baggy pants for the bottom. The baggy clothes allow you to perform all the steps and stunts easily and without discomfort, maintaining the Hip Hop style. The only essential part of the upper part is that you feel comfortable, you can take whatever you want. As for footwear, dance with sports shoes, look for them to be comfortable and consistent with the style. Whether you wear wide or tight clothes, it is essential to cover the legs to avoid scratches during the figures on the floor.

Your clothes are a form of personal expression to move with style, let yourself go! As in modern dance, remember to protect your knees with a knee brace. Remember that the ideal pants for dancing is the comfortable pants for dancing. Above all, that the clothes do not bother you. Give it a personal touch, mark your style! Dance is also a sport of personal expression, don’t forget it.

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