If keeping your lawn neat and tidy is important to you, then investing in the right type of lawn mower can make your job extremely easy and effortless. However, before purchasing a new lawnmower, you must give it some thought before finalizing one.

Firstly, find the best lawn mowers for your lawn. Consider the size of your lawn and the type of terrain. Finally, consider other factors such as the brand, features and price of the lawnmower before making your final purchase decision.

Types of Lawn Mowers

There are different lawn mowers available on the market that have their advantages and drawbacks and it is a good idea to compare all of them before deciding on the one that will work best for your mowing requirements.

Manual Push Lawn Mowers

These are the oldest types of lawn mowers and are still quite popular for cutting smaller lawns. These manual push reel mowers must be pushed manually, where the wheels turn when you push the mower and in turn, power the blades of the mower.

Quite silent when in use, manual push mowers need quite an effort to be used and are quite simple devices without a lot of features. These are perfect for small lawns.

Petrol Lawnmowers

The most common types of lawn mowers, petrol-operated lawn mowers run on gasoline or petrol. There are 2 types of petrol lawn mowers—2 stroke and 4 stroke. Petrol lawn mowers are very powerful, are easy to start and are fuel-efficient too.

Equipped with high-torque motors, these self-propelled mowers have larger cutting decks and can cut even the toughest types of grass effortlessly. So, if you have a large yard and don’t want to keep stopping to charge the batteries, then a petrol lawnmower is a perfect choice.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Quite popular with homeowners, electric lawn mowers are quiet and lightweight but deliver sufficient power to cut smaller lawns. Among the cheapest options of lawn mowers, the only drawback of the electric lawn mower is that they come with an electric cord, which can come in the way when you’re mowing the lawn.

Battery-Powered Lawnmowers

Battery-powered lawn mowers combine the power and performance of a gas lawn mower with the cordless convenience offered by lithium-ion batteries. Battery-powered lawn mowers are easy to use and maneuverable.

They are very lightweight and quiet when in operation. The best part is that these mowers don’t produce any toxic fumes or emissions and are very eco-friendly. Perfect for small and medium-sized lawns, battery-operated lawn mowers offer longer runtime and are more productive.

Ride-On Lawn Mowers

Ride-on mowers are the best option if you have a very large area to cut. These run on petrol and are extremely quick, efficient and comfortable to mow. If you’re planning to use the ride-on mower on rocky or uphill terrain, then you may have to purchase one with more horsepower.

Also, when purchasing a ride-on lawn mower, you must consider the turning circle of the mower, especially if you plan to mow tighter areas.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time mowing your lawn, then you could consider a robotic lawn mower. All you need to do is install the boundary wire and set the schedule for mowing, your robotic mower will be at work at any time and in any weather.

Robotic lawn mowers can be pre-programmed, navigate the yard on their own, avoid obstacles and even dock themselves to the charging station when they run out of charge, all without any supervision.

Things to Consider

When purchasing a lawnmower, here are a few things to consider:

  • Size of your lawn
  • Type of terrain
  • Width of the cutting deck
  • Gas or electric powered mower
  • Power of the mower
  • Adjustable mowing height
  • Other considerations such as grass collection, mulching, bagging features

Parting Words

As you can see there are different types of lawn mowers and each of them is different in terms of the technology and features and so, you must compare each of the models along with their pros and cons before deciding which one will work best for you when it comes to mowing your yard.

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