When you hear the term “Modern” you immediately tend to think of “Glass Splashback”, as they are stylishly elegant. The more practical use of glass splashbacks is they shield your kitchen walls from splashes and spills during food preparation. Along with practicality, glass splashbacks are also highly attractive and lend significantly to your kitchen’s overall ambience. Nonetheless, kitchen splashback ideas aren’t limited by the glass, as there are a variety of different materials available on the market. If you plan to go with glass to achieve modishness and style, then you need to pick a coloured glass splashback that gels with your remaining kitchen’s colour scheme.

So you have an important decision to make here…

Glass splashbacks go well with most kitchen styles and can impart dynamism to a plain white or wooden kitchen; however, if you go for something colourful, it will get special attention. Moreover, ensure buying toughened and back-painted glass splashback. In addition, in small and compact areas, glass is excellent to aid increase the feeling of space, as its reflective qualities will aid in improving the light.

Picking Your Favourite Colour

When you have decided to go with your favourite colour, then this part is easy and all you have to do is to finalise the right shade.

The Art of Colour Selection  

In contrast, if you end up picking cabinets that have different colours. For instance, if you pick a dark gloss wooden kitchen finish, it is doubtful that you would coat wooden-on-wooden; rather, it is more probable you would pick a lighter or contrasting coloured glass splashback shade. Alternatively, if you have a white kitchen all through, then this decor might influence you towards the insertion of lively colour.

Picking Blissful Neutral Colours

Some will prefer to keep their kitchen look completely neutral with a soft synchronisation of matching colours. If you’re planning to stay in your home for a long-term, then this is undoubtedly the best way to move forward wherein, a neutral kitchen colour scheme with the extensive appeal should be a priority from the beginning.

Once The Kitchen Is Ready, Determine the Coloured Glass Splashback

A coloured glass splashback is both convenient and aesthetically pleasing. You might have an idea of what colour you need to have in your kitchen; however, it is recommended and is actually simpler to make a clear-cut decision on your coloured glass splashback once the kitchen is fully installed and ready. Generally, splashback supplying companies recommend their customers to wait until the worktop, furniture and all the lights including the units and ceiling are fitted out and working correctly.

Are you looking for other splashback materials?

Besides glass splashbacks, you can also go for other materials including:

  1. Duropal Pyroex splashbacks are a 4mm fire-retardant material that is compact-solid high-pressure laminate, which is resistant to wear, scratching and impacts, making it last longer. It is moisture resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.
  1. High gloss acrylic wall panel popularly known as Lustrolite is stronger than equivalent glass panels. It’s an ideal material to create remarkable kitchen splashbacks, as well as, attractive bath and shower walls. Lustrolite is a substitute for tiles and resembles back painted glass. Moreover, Lustroliete can be implemented to bedroom walls or to any interior vertical surface.
  1. If you’re someone who wants to customise the look and feel of your kitchen, then you can opt for DIY Aluminium Splashbacks that offers the option of inserting a printed image using a fusion method which is long lasting and very durable.
  1. Stone splashbacks are timeless, durable and radiate the feel of sumptuousness. Stone can be implemented to various surfaces including walls, splashbacks, vanities, benchtops etc. It’s pricier than other materials but it will last long enough and even a lifetime if it’s well maintained, which justifies for the higher price tag that stone splashbacks command.

The Bottom Line

Kitchen splashbacks are an easily noticeable feature in any kitchen. Selecting the perfect kitchen splashback design is not only about harmonising the style and layout of the kitchen but also ensuring it’s highly functional and endures daily use.