Two of the most loved members of your home are kids and pets. But both can cause damage to your home furniture, even on a daily basis. The best pieces of your most loved furniture are at risk.

Therefore, it can be a big challenge for you to choose the most suitable kid and pets’ friendly furniture. Your decision will depend on lifestyle of your family, the traffic produced by your kids and pets and your taste in design. Hence you must visit toddler furniture stores.

Before you lament that your kids and pets will not allow you to buy and use furniture of your taste and choice, here are a few tips to consider:

  • The right material:

Many materials of furniture help resist fur and stains in a much better way than others. To ensure proper cleanup, a good choice is often leather. This is because stains caused by food can slide right away. But in case of owners of cats and animals with claws, leather furniture can be damaged by scratches and may be a disadvantage. If your kids love to use markers or ball point pens, it may be hard to remove stains in furniture from inks. Materials like tweed and other cloth material made of micro fiber with tight weave features, are superlative for repelling stains and are easy to clean.

  • Go in for furniture styles with colorful patterns:

Another tip for reducing risk from kids and pets is to camouflage stains that happen daily. The aim may not be to hide stains, but to deflect attentions from the problem areas, till you can clean the furniture. Dark colored and patterned materials are very suitable for selecting textiles for your furniture. Fabrics with bold and large prints are ideal for homes which have kids and pets all the time, causing mishaps like dropping food. Consider your home lifestyle, children’s age and pet’s behavior while selecting furniture for your home.

  • Demarcate area:

It is quite unrealistic to keep children and pets limited to one area, but you can demarcate a special living area with kids furniture and pet beds, which may be more attractive than furniture meant for adults. Pet beds have evolved over time and come in designer brand in stores selling regular furniture. Kids furniture stores are ideal when you want to buy study table & chair sets for Kids and other items. Kids will love this furniture more than your valuable Queen Anne or Chippendale furniture.

Another great option is slip covered furniture which is machine washable and a great substitute for upholstery. Demarcate an area in your home just for kids and pets.

Instead of thinking that you cannot enjoy the best designs of furniture you always dreamt of, due to risk from damage caused by pets and kids, use the above mentioned tips to help you. Consider lifestyle of pets and family and determine what textile patterns, textures and type of material suited to your home.  After all, one cannot deny the fact that kids and pets add to the happiness of your home!