Wooden pallets are a great way to organize a warehouse. They act as an organizer in the warehouse, but only a good quality pallet will last longer and will serve the purpose.  If you go out in the market of the woods, you will get a vast collection of pallets that can make you confused at the time of buying them. There are some tips that you need to keep in mind to avoid the wrong pallets and choose the right one according to your purpose. You need to know that all the pallets cannot fulfill all of your purposes. But before that, you need to know what the wooden pallets are and how it works in several aspects.

Brief Overview Of Wooden Pallets 

These are  a flat transport structure which functions as a supporter of goods in a stable fashion while lifting them. These are also called as skid which has no bottom deck boards. Carved out of wood, these appear a bit yellowish in color. A pallet is considered as a part of the vast supply system of the woods. Its structure and composition depend on the availability of the woods and raw materials in a country. In most of the cases, the uses of pine are noticed to make the wooden pallets. The wood of the pine has a clear texture which never damages anything and available readily at a large scale as well. You can use this wood to store foods and keep things. Oak is also a popular choice when it comes to making pallet, but this is a bit costlier.  Owing to cheap pricing, softwoods are preferred for making pallets.

Uses of the wood pallets are increasing among the people because of their better durability than the other pallets mainly. These pallets are also reusable and recyclable. So, apart from only shipping or storing a product you can use these pallets in some other purposes and get a good result.

How To Choose The Right Pallet 

There are a few points given below to make you understand what you need to keep in mind when you are going to choose a pallet according to your purpose.

Right Size

The size of the pallet should be accurate according to your need. The pallets are available in different dimensions for several uses. If you want it for a specific purpose like shipping something or storing a particular thing, then you need to mention the dimension of the pallet that you need. But for storing fruits and other food products, you can take the common or standard size wooden pallets.

Internationally, ISO recognizes six pallet sizes are as follows:

1100×1100 – Asia

1165×1165 – Australia

800×1200 – Europe

1000×1200 – Europe and Asia

1219×1016 (48×40 inches) – North America

1067×1067 – North America, Europe, and Asia

Right Wood 

As mentioned above, softwood is a cost-effective option for making pallets. But, if you are looking for a durable option, then you must choose the ones made out of oak. These are costlier  but will last longer . The oak wood is very sturdy and expensive. But when the pallet is made of the waste oak wood, the pallets are available at a reasonable price.

Equipment Compatibility

You need to consider whether you will be using the pallet  along a conveyor or other automated system, based on how you will be using these pallets, you must choose  their size.

The Reputation Of The Manufacturer

The manufacturing company should be trustworthy when you are buying wooden pallets. The chances of giving you wrong wooden pallet are high when the manufacturing company is not reputed and trustworthy. So, you should always take the best wooden pallet from a manufacturing brand which deals with authentic furniture.

Types of pallet- There are two major types of pallets in the market, these are then subdivided into subcategories. But, the two prime ones are :

Stringer  pallets- They have three longer pieces of wood or stringer to support the middle and the sides of the parallel boards of wood.

Block pallets- These are popular as 4 way pallet. They have parallel pieces of wood supported by blocks of wood on the sides and middle of each edge. They are used for heavier shipments transformation.

Check The Budget 

The rates of the wooden pallets differ depending on their dimensions and the quality of the woods. But it is always recommended to verify the rate of the wooden pallet given by a manufacturer. You can check the rate in the market and go for the cheaper one.

The guide is given to help you in buying a good and cheap wooden pallet. But always give your purpose first priority to get the best wooden pallet from the market.