Leaf blowers are equipment that is versatile. They make autumn cleaning much easier and pleasant. Additionally, they serve as sweepers for driveways and even help clear snow. Some of the types vacuum; other kinds collect mulch, cleans the gutter.

This valuable equipment has its negative sides, such as its high sound.

Many towns have limits over the level of decibel and the time used, while many others have banned them. All this does have its merits. Blowers help one gather large areas of leaves into sortable piles.


Therefore choose wisely among these three types that include:

  • Hand-Held Blowers
  • Walk-Behind Blowers
  • Backpack Blowers

Hand-held best leaf blower vacuum is lesser expensive kind of blower available.

Different kind of blower suits specific yards, from tiny hand, operated electric, $39 to $71, to bigger gas-operated backpack types, $201- to $401 or formidable walking tools for $6o1 to $1,001. Homeowners usually make the mistake of buying undervalued tools, according to, Roger Cook, the famous landscape expert.

He adds that wet leaves need lots of energy to be lifted. Alongside, he says that smaller machines can never handle large sizes, and while mulching it chokes on huge piles.

His technique is to begin nearer to the home and blast shrubs and beds, gathering leaves in rows or heaps. The largest blower might reach a limit when leaves get very heavy.

Therefore to work on a large pile, never jump into it directly. Begin on edge, yet, move the leaves into the trap that you may drag. Push them into the compost pile. The whole neighborhood will see you as a hero.


Then, choose only the power that you need the most.

The power needed for blowing is taken in CFM, or Cubic Feet Per or every minute. Some have the MPH or miles per hour indicators which are the same as CFM ratings.

Blowers below 200 CFM are better for cleaning driveways and patios. They are not good enough for pushing leaves easily push leaves on grassy terrains and for bush clearings.

Blowers in the 200 to 400 CFM are best for cleaning driveways, inner yards, and patios. They are not good for cleaning yards that are more than 1/4 acre.

Blowers from 400 to 450 CFM are fine for use in driveways and patios. These are heavy, so remember that! They are best in medium or smaller yards. Better not use them for one-acre yards. The ones from 400 to 500 are good to handle bigger yards that 1 acre.

Alongside, the ones with 450 to 500 are good for yards that are more than an acre and also smaller yards.

Gas-powered tools are useful for longer time periods. These blowers are better for long periods of use. They have better battery life and are quite powerful too. Better power equals to more weight, do remember this.

Buy either the ones with engines of 4 cycle or 2 cycles. Two cycle engine is light and easy to use, but require a special gas for operation. Four-cycle engine is heavy and pretty expensive, yet most four cycle engine could be used along with normal gas.

Protective Stuff

Remember to buy all the protective stuff while you go shopping for the best leaf blowing machine. Never risk any injury from using these blowers. Here are a few accessories to choose:

  • Safety Goggles that have shields to protect the eyes from every angle
  • Ear Muffs to prevent the ears from all the noise
  • Gloves to cover the hands from the dirt
  • Dust Masks to safeguard your lungs and nose

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