There’s a lot to consider when organising an event but the biggest of them all is deciding a perfect venue. Critical planning details such as the date, milieu and other relevant factors make an impact on the location. It’s quite intimidating especially when eyeing for aspects surrounding the destination so before you conduct the search, take a look at few things you should’ve a firm grasp on!

  • Budget
  • Number of participants
  • Event type (formal, casual, high-tech)

Once you’ve an understanding of these three factors, venue search will be quite easy. Book your destination at least six months prior to the event to avoid the last-minute hassle and ensure everything’s up to the expectation. In the meantime, you can prepare an excellent promotional strategy to generate a business lead.

While finding the right venue for the event takes time, there’re a few detours that’ll surely save your precious time:

  • Contact the nearest event planners and relay your query as per the requirement
  • Exploit online tools to parse through many venues and pick the right one

When ready, consider the following important things!


A cost-conscious organiser would always try to find the best site with superb services, extra space and much more features at a lowest-most cost! This is possible only if you’ve excellent negotiating skills and a good knowledge of impacting factors. Book as early as possible or when there’s a special discount offer.


Interior decoration is another crucial fact that requires special attention as it’ll have a huge and direct impact on the overall ambience. If you’re about to host a gala, venue accommodations will be different than the usual expos. The overall percentage of decoration will decide how hard you’ve worked to make up for it.

Amenities & services

Besides the site’s appearance, services and amenities that venue offers are also important. Here’re a few sub-factors!

  • Kitchen & catering

If the venue has a kitchen and fulfils the catering requisites, there’ll be a down payment along with the food cost. Some facilities also offer a professional chef along with the kitchen as part of the service but expect more investment from your end. Lest the venue has an exclusive relationship with vendors, that’s simply fantastic as you’ll also have servers to bring in the drinks and food. Do mind the cost factor!

  • Tables, chairs & linens

Availability of all these items is a must for any outdoor event and if the venue does offer it as a part of service, it’ll surely save you time, money and effort. Make sure all correspond to the event theme and ambience!

  • Set-up & clean-up crew

Rejoice if you’ve finally landed a venue that also cater a setup and clean-up crew but remember, this won’t always be the case and you’ve to conduct a thorough research. In case the venue doesn’t offer such facilities, you should organise your own team.


Coming to the most important factor that is; location and there’s a lot to consider. Most important is the event attendees within a limited geographic range; what if the location is remote and hard-to-reach whereas the event is highly corporate!

If participants are expected from the city’s outskirts, a venue near to the airport or their hotels is much preferred. If your valued guests are staying at a luxury-class hotel, try to host the event at their place to save them the trouble but it certainly doesn’t mean you break the corporate budget.

Capacity & minimums


  • Capacity

If you know the number of expected participants, arranging the space accordingly would be much easier but make sure all the safety standards are emphasised.

  • Minimums

When the venue offers food and beverage, find out the minimum also referred to as F&B minimums and do get this information in writing as a proof. If you already have a written description of the previous event, arranging the upcoming expo would be easier.

Parking service


Is there a parking lot or valet parking at the event destination? If yes, then you’re at an advantage because you won’t need to park the vehicle way across the street and walk all the way! Lest there isn’t any, here’re a few alternatives;

  • Rent nearby parking lots and include the cost either in the ticket price or have the participants pay themselves.
  • If street parking is the only option, make use of a good smart application on your mobile and park at the right spot.


So you see, the event organisation checklist covers too much at once and neglecting even a single factor can ruin the entire thing.