Talk about fitness and most people have visions of intensive workouts in gyms pumping weights and building huge muscles. However, getting fit and especially looking after the health of your heart need not be so strenuous. With a little bit of commitment, you can really boost your fitness while having a great deal of fun. Some tips:

Commence Your Fitness Routine with Activities That You Enjoy

Most people fail to make exercise a part of their daily lives because they think it is very hard, it needs to be done in a gym, and it is boring to sweat it out day after day spending good money. However, unless you want to show off your muscles on the beach, working out to keep yourself fit and fine can be as easily done with many perfectly normal activities in the house and outside. Take a brisk walk, dance with friends at a party or even alone in the house, clean up the house, wash clothes by hand, do gardening etc. Anything that boosts your heart rate makes you breathless, and works up a sweat is good. Anything that boosts your heart rate makes you breathless, and works up a sweat is good. So, just go ahead and identify stuff that you like doing and get fitter every day.

Cardio Health with Resistance Training

Keeping your heart healthy is often linked to doing cardio exercises like cycling, swimming or jogging. However, lifting weights or doing exercises like lunges, push-ups, etc. can improve your heart health considerably. Further, with resistance training, you have the advantage of working out both your cardiovascular system and your muscles. Needless to say, having a stronger body helps you to get fit faster; if you wish you can ask your trainer for suggestions on the best steroids for cutting weight. Alternating cardio with resistance training can provide the variety that prevents boredom but keeps you healthy.

Work Out in Just Bouts of 10 Minutes Each

If you think that you’ve got to work out for hours every day to get any benefit, you will be very surprised that you can plan your routine in sessions of far less duration. You can spend just 10 minutes in an activity like walking and do a repeat maybe three times in the day to have a significant impact on your blood pressure; in fact, according to fitness experts, multiple bouts are better than one single longer session. If you make it a habit, then you will find that you are easily able to squeeze in short exercise sessions without any effort at all.


Exercising significantly reduces stress that has been strongly linked to cardiac disease. Take to exercising not out of compulsion but something that makes you feel good. While endorphins that uplift your mood are released by all exercises, Pilates, yoga, and Tai chi are considered especially useful for enhancing the connection between mind and body and for reducing stress. You can further improve your heart health by ensuring you have a healthy diet; include whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein that will ensure adequate nutrition and energy.