I know that many of you think blow drying your hair is as easy as boiling an egg, but we’re going to show you how easy it is in a couple of minutes. Now, this isn’t rocket science either, but after you read this short how-to, you’ll soon realize how easy it is to blow dry your own hair and make it look nice and shiny, every day!

how to blow dry hair

What type of blow dryer should I use?

If you want a professional quality blow dryer, make sure the blow dryer has an AC motor. AC motors are made in Italy and are robust and long lasting, whereas DC motors are made in China. DC motors are lightweight and low quality and are used by manufacturers to make low quality and cheap blow dryers that a lot of women use as backup and not primary hair dryers. That’s why professional hair stylists often prefer hair dryers that have AC motors instead of DC motors. You can get most blow dryers at drugstores or your local retail discount store. However, you don’t need expensive models to get the job done.
Bear in mind that you’ll get better results with models that feature different heat and speed settings. This will ensure you smoother and shinier results throughout the entire length of your hair. Make sure that you always blow dry your hair using warm to cool air with a blow dryer which has a nozzle to help control the air flow .

Blow Drying Your Hair

First, you’ll need to prepare your hair by washing it with a light-weight ph-balanced shampoo and conditioner. A ph-balance shampoo will help prevent your hair from damage that may be caused by exposure to different conditions. Apply heat protectant to condition and coat your hair, which will add shine and reduce frizz. Make sure you’re using a blow dryer with a nozzle attachment on to help control the air flow. Relying on too much heat will cause the surface to dry out while the inter cortex remains moist, which is not a good thing because this will create steam blisters causing your hair to become duel and break off. Blow dry your hair until its 80-90 percent dry and then start brushing and styling it.

While keeping the airflow downwards start using a round brush to create lift and volume at the root. Try using a couple of round brushes and clip them in place while you’re styling your hair. Gently remove the brushes and finger brush your hair into style. Finally, use a light hairspray to hold it into place.

Blow drying your hair is not complicated. Proper hair care and proper instruments will help you achieve your goal and you will also feel better as you hair will start to look healthier and shiny!