The work of an advertising agency may revolve around creativity, but this is not the only thing that matters. In order for the employees to exercise their creativity and think of innovative strategies, they need to work in streamlined, effective process. Otherwise, their work and clients will have to suffer. As a relatively new, modern and dynamic field, advertising is generally open to new technologies and oftentimes relies on technology on a daily basis. This is why half of advertising agencies already use a form of CRM. Those that do not have less opportunities may even lose their clients in favor of companies who use CRM software for advertising agencies. Moreover, it is equally important to use a CRM tool that matches your needs. Not all CRM is suitable for the daily operations in an advertising agency or the daily operations of an agency of your size, so before you contact a vendor you should first analyze your requirements.

Understand how you interact with clients


The success of a company lies in the way that it understands clients and how it interacts with them. For advertising agencies, this relationship is all the more important and you should invest in CRM software for advertising agencies to nurture it. Thanks to best-of-breed CRM tools, you can create a thorough list with all your clients and document each and every interaction you’ve had with them. This database obviously helps with organization, which is why software such as bpm’online and AdPlugg is so popular, but it also gives you the power to create a custom approach for every client. All this aggregated data enables you to understand them better, anticipate their needs and have valuable interactions every time.

Automate marketing campaigns

Marketing automation is a key benefit of CRM software as a whole and you can read more on this topic here, but did you know that your clients can benefit from it has well? CRM software for advertising agencies has features that allow you to monitor the process of your client’s running ad campaigns and create marketing programs based on your pre-established parameters. A few decades ago, it didn’t seem possible that a process as intricate as marketing campaigns can be ran by a machine, but CRM tools have become very smart and now it simpler than ever.

Effective project management

The bigger an agency is, the more clients it has, the harder it becomes to keep track of every project and give individual processes the attention they deserve. With CRM, project management becomes easier, because you have features such as:

  • Schedule future promotions
  • Create ad campaigns and manage them
  • Keep track of vendors and suppliers
  • Manage payments and invoices

Find out how well you’re performing

Sometimes, when running a business, it can be hard to know if you are headed in the right direction. The strategy you are using now seems to work, but will it have the same effects in the future? The answer shouldn’t be the result of guessing. It should be based on accurate, objective data. CRM software for advertising agencies offers customizable dashboards where you can see analytics at a glance. They monitor your business performance, so you know about weak spots before they start affecting you. This includes performance markers for each client account; if one of your client relationships starts to lack in quality, you’ll be able to fix the situation right away.

Keep up with the fast pace of the market

Advertising is one of the fastest evolving industries and holding on to old practices will not help boost sales. On the contrary, it will cause a decrease in sales by up to 30%. Working in advertising, you have to develop new strategies constantly, be at the forefront of new technologies and keep up with the competition. You cannot do all these if you still struggle with client documents piled all over your desk and vague performance reports and you will find yourself working really hard without achieving any business growth. With CRM, your staff will no longer waste time on all these time-consuming processes and they will be able to focus on what really matters.