Digital marketing, the field that deals with SEO, PPC, email marketing and content marketing to promote businesses, is growing at an incredible pace. The growth in technology has given this significant rise in the field of marketing. India has accepted digital marketing with open arms, which is indicated by the exceptional growth rate in this field in the last few years. As a digital marketing professional or as a business that wants to make the most out of this incredible technology, if you also want to become exceptional in digital marketing, you need to follow a few advancements in the field. Here’s an insight into how to become outstanding in digital marketing in 2020.


Invest in AR/VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are real game-changers in digital marketing. People get attracted to what they see. By using eye-catching visuals, you can provide your customers with better services. If you use AR and VR wisely, then you can also collect a lot of new data. VR users are not just limited to gamers. If you have a smartphone, you can easily enjoy AR and VR.


AR has aided the growth of many businesses through digital marketing. These services are becoming popular of late. It has made the shopping process easier, whether online or offline. If you want to invest in AR/VR digital marketing for your business as well, you can approach a digital marketing company.


Interact with Customers

You must always try to interact with the customers. Try contacting them through social media and get their feedback. New technologies on Instagram and YouTube have a market for a considerable amount of audience. Privately replying and talking with the customers will help you in gaining their trust.


This will also help you in improving your business. Customer interaction allows you to know your customer better. You can even better understand their requirements and fulfil them. Transparency is the key to attracting more profitable business.


Social Media Presence

We all know that social media has the highest user engagement. People from all across the globe come together and connect through it. In 2020, due to lockdown, the use of social media has increased. Digital marketing through social media channels has had a significant role to play all through these months of 2020, and this will continue for many more years to come. A strong social media presence will always help in increasing the business. You need first to understand the algorithm and then post relevant content to engage more people.


According to a report, there are more business opportunities on social media than on any website. The primary reason behind this is because of the innumerable users. There are millions of users on social networking sites, and the numbers are still growing. Undoubtedly, social networking sites have a better reach than any other platform, and this will help you in spreading word your business.


Search through Visuals

Searching through visuals is one of the latest advancements in digital marketing. You can search by using real-life photos for searching. This is a modern search technology that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) for understanding the context of the image. The technology traces the outlines, understands the products and provides a search for related results. You can upload screenshots or photographs. Many apps also offer this facility.


Customization of Services

The latest trend among many youngsters is personalized content. Digital marketers should focus on providing more customized services. The coming together of marketing and technology has increased marketing automation, and it is expected that it will reach greater heights. Any leading digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, Bangalore or Delhi can guide through the process of customization. Many businesses have used customization and achieved positive responses.


Voice Recognition Search

Voice search using Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Siri, Cortana and Alexa is a revolution in the digital marketing industry. As a digital marketer who wants to excel, you should be using this feature for promoting products. It is one of the most convenient kinds of marketing. In 2020, there has been an increase in the use of voice searches when compared to previous years. These AI tools are developed in such a way that they are capable of helping you with every search related or computer-related issue.


Video Marketing

Most of the people spend a significant part of their time on various video content platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Voot. Digital marketers should aim at these platforms to become exceptional in 2020. Presently, there has been an upsurge in viewership, thus opening the doors for marketers. Video marketing has high viewership. People buy what they see, so a marketer should invest in video marketing strategies.


Easy access to the internet and the growing popularity of social networking websites have opened new realms of opportunities in digital marketing. The future of digital marketing is prosperous and very bright. All over the world, businesses are finding it beneficial in gaining more customers. Every aspect of digital marketing is growing in its full capacity and evolving. Considering this trend, it’s high time that digital marketing experts put in efforts by using the above-discussed ways to become exceptional in 2020.