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How to Become Better 10 Things That Will Help To Change

It is straightforward to become better, and it is a flash of insight, a tiny change that can be accepted here and now, but people ignore the pure state of things, going to perfection in twists and turns. Those who say that changes need to start with themselves are right. We have listed ten very truths, by accepting, which, you can understand how to become better now.

Do if you say

Among the many people who are so unreliable that they cannot be believed, it is imperative to be a person who always does what he says. You can rely on such people, but such readiness for action speaks of bringing up and a strong character. Therefore, be a person of your word: if you are already talking about something, back up with actions. In practice, this is not as difficult as it seems, but people will know that you have character and will.

Have compassion

I do not want to disappoint you, but the world does not revolve around your person. Your dreams and needs are no more important than the desires of others, even if you do not share different views on life from yours. Do not neglect the experience of others.

Do not focus only on yourself, have compassion, which will help to understand and accept people around you without harming your philosophy.

Do not waste someone else’s time.

Even if you are an unpunctual person, you are late everywhere you can and cannot be anxious about this, because time does not matter to you, a big surprise awaits for you: many people value their time. If you make your friends waiting for you, remember that you are rude and unfair, because they have their own lives and they could do other essential things for them instead of indulging your harmful habits. You want to become better – value and respect the time of other people.

Bear the blame

Never blame the people around, even if they are to blame. It is better to look inside yourself and see how your behavior has influenced the development of events, which today brings disappointment. Often we neglect responsibility, but it is the cornerstone of the priceless concept of “good man.” To admit that you did something wrong is not a weakness at all, but an adult gesture for which courage is needed. However, to change, you must be present in person in each of your actions.

Do not press the panic button.

People are often upset and offended by what others say and do. Nevertheless, in fact, in the actions of others, there is no you. All that they do is their reflection, the way they feel. Do not be mad at those who, in your opinion, offended you. Remember that no one can hurt you until you allow it. Stop taking stuff personally, and your life will change dramatically, and it will be better.

Be conscious

If you want to change the world or improve your relationship, then you will need a lot of awareness. To become the right person, you need to be aware of why you are doing anything. When you act consciously, it is easier for people around you to understand. If they follow the causal relationships of your behavior, then they are more likely to want to have a relationship with you. If you’re confused about your relationship, take relationship counseling near you or at least to a trusted friend.

Awareness of the consequences of their actions will help to become better.

We have already figured out that you are not the center of the universe, which means that your actions affect other people. Pebbles were thrown into the water leaving many circles behind. By analogy with this, your actions transform the lives of people around you. Make sure that your efforts are as positive as possible – if you bring something into someone else’s life, it is just happiness. If you are facing a severe choice or you want to make your experience better, remember that everything has its consequences. You had better know about them in advance.

Make your brain work before talking.

How many times our parents have told us this phrase and they were right! The things one says, cannot be taken back and if you regret, it remains only to hope that you were not heard or quickly forgotten; otherwise, an effect of water rings will work. Therefore, before you say something, especially in anger, stop and think about everything. Do you want to say something, right? Useful? Necessary for someone’s awareness? If not, keep silent.

Remember the golden rule of morality.

We learned in kindergarten about people who need to do what you want them to do with you, but are we often guided by this fundamental principle in adult life? If you would not like to be in the place of a person to whom your words and actions are directed, ask yourself: why are you going to do it?

Love yourself, and you become better.

At the core of the ability to be a right person is the love of oneself -, that is given to all with such difficulty, and after all, Buddha himself spoke about it!

Usually, people who love themselves love others, because they know how to take care of themselves, which means they have something to give to others, and if you like your surroundings, you will not be able to mistreat them.