Tired of people calling you skinny and thin? Time for you to bulk up the healthy way and gain some healthy weight with a proper routine. Losing weight has always been considered one of the toughest and challenging routines. Well, that is not 100% true; gaining healthy weight is far more tedious and daunting. It requires a whole lot of change in your lifestyle and daily routine, and therefore, we have listed below some of the few things to follow in order to gain some healthy weight and also amp up your weight gain routine:

1. Eat A High Carb Diet

Start your day with a high-calorie breakfast with healthy carbs and fat. Carbohydrates and starch-rich foods play a key role in healthy weight gain. You can eat oats and bananas with chia seeds in your breakfast with a big cup of mass gainer shake.

2. Workout

Workout harder to scale up your routine. Practice exercises that are dedicated to gaining weight and bulking up. You need a good trainer who has complete knowledge of all kinds of routines. Scale up your weights when you are doing push-ups, pulls or squats for faster results. You need to push harder and break your threshold. Also, do not socialize when working out you are there to achieve your goals and not make friends. Stay dedicated, determined and disciplined.

3. Watch Your Calories

Manage your calories throughout the day. Install an app that will help you manage your calorie right from your breakfast to your dinner. Calorie management is essential for both weight gain and weight loss routine.

4. Include Supplements

Look out for some of the best mass gainers in the market from genuine and certified brands. A mass gainer is a unique blend of healthy carbs and protein and is a calorie-rich supplement. Mass gainers help in easy bulking and healthy gains. You can also look for some weight gainers dedicated to healthy weight gains.

5. Stop Eating Packed Foods

Say bye to packaged food items and delete those food ordering apps from your mobile. Avoid maida, sugar and salt as much as possible. These will help you gain some weight but will also harm your body. You need to eat healthily.

6. Talk To Your Trainer

Be vocal about the challenges you are facing in the gym while you are working out. Talk to your trainer for the right exercises and a detailed diet plan. Do not be shy of your body shape and let go off all your insecurities while you are working out.

Things To Include In Your Daily Diet For Proper Nutrition:

  • Healthy Fats
  • Bananas
  • Smoothies and Protein Shakes
  • Starchy Vegetables
  • Red Meat
  • Full Fat Milk, Butter, Cheese & Other Dairy Products

Eating a balanced diet and managing your overall calorie intake is one of the most important aspects of a healthy weight gain routine. This article covers some of the easy ways to help you gain weight in a healthy way. Follow a proper routine, eat a good diet and stay assured of better results in just no time.

There are no magic supplements or shortcuts for fitness. Don’t fall into such traps.

Weight gain or loss depends upon consumption of calories.

  • Calories in < calories out = weight loss
  • Calories in > calories out = weight gain
  • Calories in = calories out = maintenance

You have to eat the calories above your maintenance calories for weight gain. Follow a diet which gives you a balanced amount of protein carbs and fats.