Any company wishes to convey an attractive and dynamic image of its activity. His communication plan serves this purpose. To be effective, it must be realistic and concrete. One of the points targeted by a communication plan is the increase of the notoriety of the company. Several channels are available to target the achievement of this result. Distributing promotional items to your prospects and customers can contribute to this, at a lower cost and in a sustainable manner thanks to its daily use.

What is the point of using advertising objects in your communication strategy?

The promotional products can maintain a close relationship with your customers. For example, offering a personalized pencil or mug promotes the visibility of your brand in a lasting manner: throughout the life of your pen and when using the cup. An advertising object can also reach new customers. Offering it to your prospects ensures the presence of your brand in the mind of your target.

When he needs to call on a service provider in your field, if your logo is present before his eyes, perhaps he will think of you. The advertising object can be used by all companies because all budgets are possible. This support ensures a modern and lasting image while improving your notoriety. Thus, the target concerned may be quite wide. Indeed, an advertising object is distributed to customers, prospects, suppliers or even your employees.

Today, a company has a multitude of advertising objects if it wishes:

  • The basics: badges, pens, mugs, or key rings
  • The originals: textiles (bag, t-shirt), a pair of sunglasses, or a watch
  • Moderns: a Bluetooth speaker or a USB stick
  • The essentials: calendars, diaries, and notepads

How to choose your advertising object?

Initially, the beginning of your reflection focuses on the desired target: gender, age and professional social category. Understanding your target and its expectations is essential since the choice of your goodies must take into account the needs of your customers.

After defining your target, it is advisable to orient your decision according to the visibility emitted by the goodies. The main advantage of using it is to ensure daily visibility with the recipient in order to have a long-term influence.

But, before making your final choice, you must not forget to keep the link between your goodies and your field of activity. Consistency is necessary to transmit a satisfactory image to the recipients. Other elements can influence your decision. For example, it is better to distribute goodies according to the season such as a hat distributed in winter or sunglasses in summer.

Then, goodies must generate an emotion towards the recipient. So originality must be taken into consideration when purchasing in order to obtain positive spinoffs. Besides, an original advertising object makes it stand out from your competitors.

In summary, goodies represent the image of the company, so the quality of the product must be impeccable since the importance is to stimulate the attention of your recipient. So the message must be understandable, clear and dynamic.

What should you put on an advertising object?

Certain elements ensure the proper transmission of information to customers. Goodies generally include the following information:

  • The company logo
  • Company name
  • Contact information: phone number, address, email and website.

Please note, depending on the size of your goodies, certain information may not be present. Generally, a USB key will only include the company logo for lack of space.