Technology has revolutionized many aspects of human life. Family life, in particular, has changed drastically over the past few years owing to tech developments. Often, when people think about technology and the family, there is usually a negative connection between them. From complaints about children spending too much time playing games on their phones to teenagers labeled social media addicts, the effects of technology on the family unit have been profound and intense. However, there are also instances where technology has improved family life significantly. Here is how tech advancements have changed family activities for the better.


Today, children have a lot more options when it comes to integrating tech in their leisure time. Toys have become incredibly advanced, and they can perform a wide array of complex functions. From VR headsets to robots that teach them how to code, smart gadgets have taken over playtime in the best way possible. Kids can even create the toys they want using 3-D printing. Although this might not be popular yet, it certainly is the future of playtime and will likely become an everyday item in many homes.

Playing fulfills a critical development need in children. It is often said that play is a child’s work, and there is resonating truth in this statement. It is through playing that young ones interact with their environment, use their imagination, and foster strong relationships with parents, siblings, and friends. Traditionally, children used their imagination and available materials to make up involving games. Sometimes, parents were also involved in the making of toys or acting as playmates for their kids. Playtime was a great bonding time for entire families. 

Outdoor Activities

Technology has also been creating more options for kids who engage in physical activities. Items such as hoverboards can provide many benefits to kids such as sharpening their skills at self-balance, focus, posture, and core strength. Kids and teens can actually spend more time exercising outdoors when using motorized riding products due to having more power to ride out in the hills or even around the neighborhood. These motorized bikes, like the Rize X fat tire electric bike, are extremely practical and take bicycles to the next level by allowing riders the option to relax while the motor propels them to their desired destination. They are also more comfortable to ride thanks to features like shock absorbers and fat tires. These advancements in outdoor products allow families to use them in a variety of terrains, thus expanding their choices in destinations.

Family Game Nights

Family game nights bring back fond memories for many people around the world. They provide some of the best bonding experiences for families. Unfortunately, however, they are an endangered family tradition owing to the proliferation of smart devices in homes. Today, most people prefer to watch a YouTube video or connect with friends on FaceBook to gathering around the table to play a game of Monopoly with their family.

However, there are tech companies that are yet to give up on this beautiful family activity. These companies, often relying on crowdfunding, create family-oriented board games online that loved ones can enjoy from any part of the world. Some of the best examples of such games include Dark Souls, board games, exploding kittens, and the rising sun. It is also easy to find 3-D versions of traditional board games like chess and checkers. Thanks to technology, families can still enjoy the occasional night of incredible fun and making life-long memories.

Movie Nights

Children of the 90s undoubtedly remember what a big deal movie night was. Whether your whole family piled up in the car to watch movies at the theater or rented them from the local library, movie nights were simply fantastic. They provided a fun entertainment experience for the whole family. With time, the era of buying videotapes and discs and stacking them up in drawers has long past. Today, thanks to the internet, movies are more accessible than ever. When the family gathers around to enjoy a movie, it is merely a matter of selecting one and then curling on the couch for some great entertainment. On-demand streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have made it that much easier to choose movies that best suit your tastes for a better experience.

Due to technological advancements, family life today is very different from what it was like twenty years ago. Although technology has affected some family activities negatively, it has also improved some aspects of family life. Playtime can now be more fun with smart toys, and watching movies with your family without being in the same location. As long as you choose to use it for good, technology can be an invaluable ally in helping spice up family activities.