I have been thinking, “Do the kids have it that much easier these days as people say? All this technology in their hands…” Technology…

The Term Introduction

The actual term “technology” as it is wasn’t really used up until 200 years ago in the way we use it today, but that certainly doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. The first conversion of natural resources into simple tools was technology. Control over fire, a wheel, printing press, telephone… Those are products and knowledge. That is technology.

College students using laptop

The Development

Through time so many great discoveries and inventions happened but up until the very end of the 20th century recent invention wasn’t always there for a common man. The same applies to information. You could not see Gutenberg’s print press in a household in 1445, five years since it appeared, but you certainly could own a smartphone short time after it premiered. With that in mind it seems pretty obvious how fast information gets to a common man. You could be asked any question in the world and as long it has been answered before and as long as you have your smartphone with you, you will be able to obtain the information you need and give a correct answer. Now that’s neat, isn’t it?

And what else happened there? You actually learned something new, and that all make things quite awesome these days. Back then, in let’s say 1400s, a simple man needed a lot more than just desire for knowledge, to actually learn something. Now, humans have all the knowledge in the palm of their hands and knowledge actually is power. Only through the spread of education as one of the most precious ambitions, we will have its impact on our very progression in understanding the world and being able to pass it down to younger generations in more entertaining and immersive ways.

Teachers and Guides

Now since we made it pretty obvious that kids have enormous resources for learning here in the cloud, does that mean that it’s enough, and that they will actually use it to learn things, you know, “the good stuff”? Of course not. Well, at least not without guidance. Guidance means teachers.  Teachers can come in form of online course conductors, for example Lynda.com or CodeAcademy and such, but there are still actual buildings that we call schools with people in them that we call teachers.

Teachers also have a lot of things going on. For example, it’s much easier now for them to make a learning place interesting and to make teaching diverse and differentiated since the learning resources expanded significantly. Technology allows teachers to connect with one another, and with people and resources beyond the school walls. Such interactions help them with their own improvement and professional development which also includes how to use all these tools to help students learn.

The Perks of Technology

The fact is that smartphones, tablets and laptops are already a common sight in lecture halls and classrooms as they should be. The technology has been embraced in the way that suits us to meet our needs. We should make the most of it and it should make the lives of us both, students and teachers, easier. As long as we are ready to take advantage of each invention as it happens, thee question shouldn’t be asked.  It should be easier for all of us.