Technology has come a long way and influences everything we do these days, including music production. We expect technology to increase the efficiency of our routine lives, work, education, and even entertainment. If you had lived in the 70s, then you would know how difficult it was to record music. Music production required large studios with a large orchestra, extraordinary recording equipment, and talented musicians. With that being said, there was hardly any room for errors and even the smallest mistakes would throw off the entire process – Now that would have been a real pain.

However, these days, music production has become simpler and efficient, thanks to digital editing and tuning. Well, if that was not enough, then you ought to hear about digital mixers, which allow you to record two different music tracks and combine them when you please. Producing music has become cheaper, efficient, and easier. And here is how tech advancements have changed music production:

From Studios to Basements

Historically (or that what I would like to call it), music production depended on many instrument players, a massive hall, and lots of recording equipment. If you were to launch a musical album back in the day, you would witness a room full of musicians with exceptional capabilities to synchronize with each other. If someone were to miss a note or fail to follow the tempo, then you would need to start from the beginning. Imagine a great musical where one musician sneezes due to dust allergy, horrible isn’t it – That is how difficult it used to be.

Ever since we underwent digital transformation and digital instrumentation, music production has changed drastically. These days, you find digital mixers, recorders, and even a ton of musical notes. So if you had to make up a tune without hiring an orchestra, it is possible today! Digital recorders and sound mixers allow you to edit or tweak the music, even for each instrument, which gives your better customization than ever. That is not where it ends; you can add background music, drums, beats, and bass without ever hiring an actual person. Why do you think we have so many DJs around today! Since technology has minimized equipment you need to record music, you no longer need a large studio; it can be done in the basement of your house.

Using Computers for Music Production

Who would have ever thought music could be produced without musical instruments? It is happening today. Music production is no longer dependent on actual musical instruments. Of course, it adds a benefit when you have the actual instrument, but synthetic music production has taken over the industry by a large. Certain music or notes that are commonly used during music production can be replicated using computing devices – how cool is that? So if you had to launch your song without every paying for an orchestra, it is very much doable.

Computers give you access to a digital domain that has immense information and data. You can download various software and applications that would reproduce certain notes to create a melody without playing an actual instrument. You can even hire professionals for sound mixing and enhancement. It is a widely adopted concept and is used in music studios these days.

The Sound effects industry

We get swayed by the sound effects in movies, which is not really sound. Movie makers use a technique of reproducing sounds that mimic the scenes and scenarios that are added to the film after production. The next time you hear a sword clash, remember that it’s not the actual sound. It may even be fake props that look like real swords. The ‘sound effects’ in movies used to be a painful task that required specific skills i.e. following the movie and making sounds with no room for error. Now that is a real skill we are talking about, but not anymore. These days, moviemakers use digital sound effects to make the scene or scenario in movies that makes the whole process stress-free.

Not only does digital sound effects are easier to integrate but also maintain consistency so a sword clash would always sound the same. The same goes for animals sounds and other sounds that we commonly hear in movies, thinking they are original.

Digital music production has advanced, thanks to the technology and digitalization. Producing music these days does not really require authentic instrument playing skills. All you need is a good taste for music, some digital mixing equipment from the market, a voice like a nightingale, and you are officially ready to produce your own music. The transformation in music production is iconic and promoted the music industry all over the world vastly. So if you were thinking of recording your music, now would be the best time to launch yourself into the market.