Every other student fears Maths due to the complexity of theorems along with equations involved. But if they approach the subject with a positive frame of mind results would be encouraging. The solving of 10th study material for 9th CBSE Maths goes a long way in reducing anxiety levels. A general fear exists among the students that I am not good in Maths or having nightmares of failing in the subject. The problem stems from the fact that doing difficult calculations or questions does call for a degree of practice. But if a student fails to obtain necessary grades in the subject. Each student who appears for this subject needs to have the courage so as to face the tough questions. Some of them even go blank once they see a question paper or make minor mistakes once they are solving a paper. Also, we provide HSSLIVE English Plus One Notes online.

Coping with Maths as a topper

  • Constant practice- Maths is perhaps one of the subjects where theory is not as important as numerical practice. So if a student is weak in Maths they need to solve as much as questions possible to enhance their speed and numerical ability in the subject
  • Working on mental calculations—the student needs to work on aptitude or mental calculations to deal with basic parts of the question. A trend witnessed is that students get stuck up with complex calculations but once you are able to do simple mental ones you end up saving a lot of time and effort. Toppers take into consideration that mental calculations makes their task a lot easier.
  • Dividing the concepts- if a student is weak in Maths they need to take small steps in order to master the concepts. For this for a question from concept they need to divide into 3 major parts. The first is easy when questions are based on theorems and formula. Secondly is moderate where the questions are based on a couple of concepts. Last comes the classification on difficulty of questions. Basically they are lengthy and time saving questions that do take a lot of time to be solved with various strategies. For example a question in probability is an example striking instantly. Solving of 9thclass Maths study Material CBSE helps you in such cases.
  • To solve questions adopt new tricks- students have to take into consideration that Maths is one of the subjects where changing strategies and techniques to solve questions are rare. It is necessary to change your methods as per evolving concepts of Maths. But there are new trends of Maths like Vedic Mathematics that does call for a degree of innovation. In fact these methods should be practiced when students have enough time at their end as they are looking to learn something new and interesting.

To sum it up students who fear the subject of Maths but still have to sit for the examination need to plan out a strategy or plan in order to overcome the challenge. Maths is such a subject where you can go on to score big if you are able to implement concepts properly.