With such amazing artwork available in Australia it’s such a shame that hanging pictures is so often an afterthought in a home. The fact is, adding art to your home or office can completely transform the space and offer many benefits.

Today’s interior designers love working with artwork, and the more original the better. They can also suggest the very best picture hanging solutions.

picture hanging solutions

Make It Yours

Adding art to your home is one of the simplest and most effective ways to stamp your mark and create a unique experience. With the right artwork, and professional picture hanging systems, you can transform the space in minutes.

You are instantly adding colour, dimension and texture, bringing proportion and scale to the space, creating emotions and memories.

Mixing different forms of artwork is very effective in interior design. Don’t just think paintings, think photographs, prints, posters, pages from magazines and old books and periodicals, sculpture and more. Remember, the artwork you choose reflects not only your taste, but also your personality. There’s no need to stick to convention, just go with what you love.


Some pieces are created to stand alone whilst others, like small-scale print and photographs often work better in a group. Correctly hanging pieces in a group is quite hard. It’s difficult to get the spaces correct and you can end up damaging your walls.

That’s where picture hanging systems come into their own. Picture hanging systems work by fixing a length of track to the wall, abutting the ceiling. Hangers are then added to the track and these can be moved left or right as required. Finally, slide on the adjustable hooks. Again, these offer great flexibility, as they are so easy to move up and down to get the positioning correct. And all without damaging the wall!

Properly arranged art will lead the eye around the room; consider where you are placing furniture, and the position of doors and windows.

Be Adventurous

People often see the artworld as stuffy and serious, but it really isn’t. Sure, things get a little more serious when people are buying and selling artworks worth millions of dollars but buying and hanging art can be fun.

Unless you are buying for investment, the best advice is to buy what you like and what you think will enhance your home. Do you want to make that space feel cosy and inviting, or do you want to add colour, or maybe even make a statement? It’s up to you.

Generally, it’s also better to just buy it when you see it and worry about where to hang it later. Of course, you may have a particular position in mind, requiring a certain type of artform or colour scheme. But don’t let that hold you back.

Also, don’t feel you have to cover every inch of every wall to make an impact. Sometimes less is more.

Add Movement

Artwork is a great way to add movement to a space. Most artists paint in a certain way to direct the viewer’s eye; in the same way, this will add movement to your room. Perhaps you want to draw the eye to a particular piece of furniture, an alcove or window; or maybe you want to create contrast with a stark piece of furniture.


Artwork can enhance or even dictate your colour scheme. But don’t try to make everything match – that’s not art! If you have a very neutral colour scheme, as so many modern homes do, a huge bright painting will make a real statement, adding an enormous splash of colour and movement.

Again, how you hang the art has a lot to do with the result. Adding pops of colour to crisp white walls is very effective.

Scale and Texture

The best interior design is that which appeals to all the senses. It’s about the whole package, the size, colours, texture and subject. Adding visual interest through textured artwork or scale will transform your room. It can also bring elements together. For example, if you have high ceilings but low furniture, artwork can draw the eye upward and make the room feel more balanced.

One of the biggest advantages of using professional picture hanging solutions is that you can create a rotating gallery. If your display starts to feel boring, you can easily change things around with a system like the Gallery System, without damaging your walls or measuring everything all over again.

Many people like to change their art displays with the season; others when they buy something new. It’s really up to you so go ahead, make a statement – big or small. Invest in a proper picture hanging system and start buying and hanging.

Not only will it transform your home or office, and create amazing talking points, but it will open your world to a whole new interest, filled with colour, movement and memories.