Saree is sought to be an effortless Indian woman drape that has been the favourite of every type of woman. Be it a contemporary lover, traditional lover, a vintage lover or a strict corporate lady, a time comes when they just find saree as the only option for them.

Last option!? Thanks but no thanks!

Saree can’t be called as our only option; it feels so burdened! Saree stays in a lady’s wardrobe because she can wear it with elan, to call her inner lady figure, to call variation with just one piece and the list goes on. With saree, you can do lots of things; from tailoring a designer blouse to experimenting with the lace works around the border, quirky shades and prints. Remember calligraphy print?

Here we have some up some of the reasons of how online shopping is getting better with saree collections.

With the availability of Vivacious Ranges


The availability and chance of getting so much in an array of sarees are the main attraction for fashion enthusiasts. So, what makes girls and women go crazy over traditional sarees? Here are the reasons:

Design – Brocade, zardozi, patch work sarees, zaveri, prints are some of the designs that are highly demanding in the market and thus people go crazy when they get a flood of these designs. The designs are set up according to the states or regions where they are crafted and you can definitely come across the beliefs of the people of the state in those designs.

Pattern – You can identify these patterns in many online sarees stacked in your wardrobe and obviously we love them to flaunt at each and every day. Patterns like embroidered, floral, bandhani, stripe, checkered, paisley, chevron, polka dot, geometric, digital print are going top of the list.

Colours – There are colours and the subcategories of them are called hues. You may encounter various hues of pink in a saree or can enjoy mixed hues as well. And you know exactly about the love for colours in fairer sex…

It Welcomes To Fusion As Well

crop top saree

Be its draping style or replacing blouse or petticoat with a crop top or typical petticoat skirt with dhoti or pants, this attire has its own rules which can be modulated according to the heart. This is why I and you love it XOXO

Jacket style blouse, contrasting crop tops, high-low blouse, cold shoulder blouse and etc. are some of the glimpses of contemporary blouses. Well, you can go extremely traditional as well with tube blouses.

Chuck Your Saree Because Blouse Is There


Hail for saree blouses, fashion enthusiasts!


It is because they come with various options of blouse designs and patterns. Even there is no mandatory rule to make a matching blouse that has been cut from the saree piece. Even you can also experiment with suspender saree cum blouse where the suspender will be pre-attached with pre-pleated saree. Whether your saree is plain or gorgeously designer, a blouse works on the stage like a game-changer.

Saree is an ethereal option for foreign celebrities as well and as a proof, you can see the pictures of Oprah Winfrey visiting Bachchan’s house. The time it demands while draping is worth giving. Isn’t it?